Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industiral Museum Wuhan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industrial Museum

Located on a sprawling 1000-square-meter site, the Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industrial Museum (张之洞与武汉博物馆, 张之洞与汉阳铁厂博物馆) is a comprehensive industrial museum that specifically focuses on the legacy of Zhang Zhidong and the Han Yang Ironworks. The core design of the museum was undertaken by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, whose vision artfully combines Chinese elements, the distinctive characteristics of Wuhan, and the essence of Han Yang. This museum delves deep into the history of Zhang Zhidong’s representation of late Qing industrial development and the transformation of Wuhan city, offering a faithful reflection of the historical significance of the Han Yang Ironworks while unveiling the urban development history of Wuhan.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours9.00 – 15.30; Last admission: 15.00
Closed on Mondays
Telephone Number0086-027-84582013

Location and Transportation

The Zhang Zhidong and Modern Industrial Museum is located at 169 Qintai Avenue, Han Yang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. To get there, tourists can take bus 575, 579, 740, or 801, and get off at Qintai Avenue Longdeng Road Stop (琴台大道龙灯路站).

Highlights of the Museum

Layout of the Building

Layout of Zhang Zhidong and modern industrial museum

The museum’s main structure is a two-story building with a European-style design, inspired by the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation’s Han Yang Ironworks and tailored to fit within the city’s landscape and gardens. The exterior of the museum embodies European architectural elements and incorporates the concepts of advanced Western science and technology. The museum’s layout is organized into two main phases, representing the hundred-year history of the creation, development, and eventual decline of the Han Yang Ironworks. It boasts exhibition halls covering an area of 700 square meters, a 40-square-meter storage area for historical artifacts, and additional rooms for administrative purposes.

Primary Exhibition

Primary exhibtion of Layout of zhang zhidong and modern industrial museum

The primary focus of Zhang Zhidong and the Modern Industrial Museum is its collection, centered on historical documents and physical artifacts related to Zhang Zhidong’s establishment of the Han Yang Ironworks and the Han Yang Arsenal. This collection is exhibited through a combination of physical items and historical photographs related to the history of Han Yang. Some of the main exhibits include boundary markers of the Han Yang Ironworks and Han Yang Gunpowder Factory, steel rails produced by the Han Yang Ironworks, stock certificates issued by the Han Ye Ping Company and the Han Yang Arsenal, test papers from the Wen Pu Tong Middle School founded by Zhang Zhidong, the earliest editions of Zhang Zhidong’s “Quan Xue Pian” (Exhortation to Learning), and “Zhang Wen Xiang Gong Shi Ji” (The Collected Works of Zhang Wen Xiang), among others.

Photographic Exhibitions

photographic exhibtions in zhangzhidong and modern industrial museum

The museum also offers three distinctive and unique photographic exhibitions:

1. “Zhang Zhidong in Hubei” Photo Exhibition: This exhibition primarily focuses on Zhang Zhidong’s achievements during his tenure as the governor of Hubei. It showcases his efforts in modernizing the region, promoting industry, establishing educational institutions, building railways, fostering commerce in Wuhan, spearheading urban development, and propelling the city’s growth.

2. “The Century-old Folk Customs of Wuhan” Photo Exhibition: This exhibit features photographs taken by Luxembourg experts during the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, reflecting the local customs and traditions of Wuhan. At the time, more than 50 foreign experts, including 14 from Luxembourg, were involved in the construction of the Han Yang Ironworks, and they documented various aspects of urban life through their photographs.

3. “Scenic Views of the Three Towns in Wuhan” Color Photo Exhibition: This collection of color photographs, taken during the Republic of China era by Japanese photographers for use in postcards, offers a glimpse of Wuhan’s major landmarks and attractions. It includes iconic sites such as the Han Yang Ironworks, Wuhan University, the Provincial Library, Guqin Tai (Guqin Platform), Jianghan Guan (Jianghan Pass), and more. These photographs serve as important reference material for studying Zhang Zhidong’s legacy and the history of Wuhan city.

Vlog about the Museum

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