Yiyuan Garden, Yixing – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

yiyuan garden yixing

Yiyuan Garden (宜园), located in Yixing, Wuxi, is a renowned AAAA-rated scenic area that showcases the essence of a modern Jiangnan garden with classical elements centered around small bridges and flowing water. It plays a vital role in the overall beauty of Yixing’s tourist attractions.

The garden is divided into three main areas: East, Central, and West. Each section features a variety of classical pavilions, terraces, towers, and bridges, with distinct landscaping materials like local rocks, yellow stones, and pebbles.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours6.00 – 20.30
Telephone Number0086-0510-87072336

Location and Transportation

Yiyuan Garden is situated at 1 Guinan Road, Yicheng Town, Yixing City, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. This picturesque garden is conveniently located adjacent to the western shore of Taihu Lake. To get there, tourists can take bus Yixing 110, Yixing 118, or YIxing 215 and get off Yiyuan Stop (宜园站).

Highlights of Yiyuan Garden

Numerous Attractions

numerous attractions in yiyuan garden yixing

In total, the garden boasts 32 major attractions, including “Liu Di Chun Xiao” (Spring Dawn Over the Willow Bank), “Jing Xi Lan Sheng” (Scenic Beauty of the Jingxi Stream), “Bi Ye Hong Ying” (Green Leaves and Red Flowers), “Yu Ya Fei Pu” (Jade Cliff Waterfall), “Yun Xi Lou” (Cloud Creek Tower), “Zhu Lin Cha Ba” (Bamboo Forest Tea Bar), “Yong Quan Shi Ji” (Spring Gushing Stone Embankment), “Zhi Yu Xie” (Pavilion of Fishing Knowledge), “Yu Le Guang Chang” (Recreation Square), “Ba Gua Sheng Xiao Guang Chang” (Eight Diagrams and Zodiac Square), “Bin Hu Jing Lang” (Lakeside Scenic Corridor), “Song Shan Quan Xue Lang” (Song Mountain Learning Corridor), “Wu Long Xi Zhu” (Five Dragons Playing with Pearls), and “Cui Hu Fan Zhou” (Boating on Emerald Lake).

Rich Biodiversity

rich biodiversity in yiyuan garden yixing

The entire garden adheres to national ecological landscaping standards, featuring a wide array of locally sourced plants, flowers, and trees. Over 300 rare and precious plant species have been carefully introduced to create an evergreen, fragrant paradise throughout the four seasons. Yiyuan is truly a place of perpetual beauty and delightful scents.

Nighttime View

nighttime view in yiyuan garden yixing

The garden is splendidly illuminated at night, with its pavilions, towers, and terraces reflected in the shimmering water, creating a kaleidoscope of colors. A comprehensive sound system is strategically placed throughout the garden, allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful classical music from anywhere within the park.

Cultural Elements

cultural elements in yiyuan garden yixing

In addition to its natural beauty, Yiyuan Garden is rich in local history and cultural elements. There are over a hundred couplets, plaques, and inscriptions scattered throughout the garden. Notably, the “Bin Hu Jing Lang” (Lakeside Scenic Corridor) draws inspiration from Yixing’s historical legends, while the “Quan Xue Lang” (Learning Corridor) highlights 22 stories of diligent study, with four originating from Yixing. This showcases Yixing’s long-standing tradition of outstanding culture, simplicity, and diligent learning.

The garden’s bridges and pavilions are predominantly named with characters starting with “和” (hé), symbolizing the broad and inclusive mindset of the people of Yixing, emphasizing a love for peace and a spirit of openness and acceptance.

Vlog about Yiyuan Garden

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Tea House: Enter Yiyuan Garden through the west gate, where you’ll find a charming tea house named “Wutingtai.” Described as having an ancient charm with white walls and black tiles, this tea house provides an excellent setting for tea gatherings and photography.

Breakfast Recommendations: Inside Yiyuan Garden, there is a restaurant called “汤司令早茶” (Commander Tang’s Morning Tea). Reviewers praise the swift service and recommend trying dishes like flaky barbecue pork (酥皮叉烧), phoenix claws (凤爪), crystal shrimp dumplings (水晶虾饺皇), and pan-fried dumplings with leeks (韭菜煎饺).

Other Attractions in Yixing

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