Taozu Sacred Site, Yixing – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

taozu sacred site

Nestled within a sprawling 200,000 square meters of land, the Taozu Sacred Site (陶祖圣境) is a breathtaking haven of beauty and historical significance. Located primarily on the picturesque Jin Tang Mountain, this site is centered around the enchanting Mu Li Ancient Cave. Legend has it that the Mu Li Cave served as the secret hideaway of General Fan Li during the Warring States period. In March 1983, it was discovered by local village youths, and after three years of development, it was opened to the public in 1986.

The Taozu Sacred Site offers a multitude of attractions, each contributing to the rich tapestry of its history and natural wonders. Visitors can explore the Fan Li Sculpture Square, Xi Shi Water Plaza, Stone Forest Marvels, Fan Li Ancient Kiln, Bamboo-lined Corridors, Fan’s Garden, Wansha Clear Pool, Wangqi Pavilion, Tao Ceramic Café, Vacation Villas, and more.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourAbout 2 hours
Ticket PriceAdmission: 65 CNY
Combined Ticket: 110 CNY (including Mu Li Ancient Cave, Taozu Bamboo Sea, and Glass Floor Path)
Opening Hours8.00 – 16.30
Telephone Number0086-0510-87470481

Location and Transportation

The Taozu Sacred Site is situated at No. 36, Zhuhai Village, Hufu Town, Yixing City, within the Wuxi Municipality of Jiangsu Province, China. To get there, tourists can take Bus Yixing 201, Yixing 373, or Yixing 801, and get off at Taozu Shengjing Stop (陶祖圣境站).

Highlights of Taozu Sacred Site

Mu Li Ancient Cave

Mu Li Ancient Cave, the centerpiece of this site, spans over 10,000 square meters with a winding underground journey of 900 meters. The cave’s unique underground river and intricate natural formations are divided into nine grand landscapes: “Underground Kunlun,” “Dragon Elephant Palace,” “Starry Palace,” “Lake Stone Palace,” “Qionglin Palace,” “Jade Bedroom Palace,” “Five Mountains Palace,” “Yuanxiao Palace,” “Nuwa Palace,” and “Penglai Palace.” Each section reveals its own mystique and charm.

Thousand Turtles Pond

One of the most captivating features of the Taozu Sacred Site is the Thousand Turtles Pond, located at the south-central square between the site’s entrance and the entrance to Mu Li Cave. Architecturally resembling an ancient coin with an outer circular shape and inner square shape, the central feature is a water pond called “Thousand Turtles Pond.” Within the pond resides a magnificent giant turtle alongside thousands of smaller turtles, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and longevity.

Wangqi Pavilion

The enchanting tale of Fan Li, the general who helped King Goujian of Yue to regain his kingdom during the Warring States period, is commemorated at the site with the “Wangqi Pavilion” or “Wangqi Tower.” It is said that Fan Li, in his later years, lived in a cave in the nearby Ding Shu Village, just across the mountain from where Xi Shi, his beloved, resided. Every morning at sunrise, Fan Li would ascend to the mountaintop and gaze eastward in memory of his beloved. To honor this enduring love story, later generations built the “Wangqi Pavilion” or “Wangqi Tower.”

Fan Li Ancient Kiln

Delving into the historical significance of the region, the Taozu Sacred Site houses the Fan Li Ancient Kiln. In the history of Yixing, two famous kilns, the Mantou Kiln and the Long Kiln, stand out. The kiln at the Taozu Sacred Site is a replica of the Mantou Kiln, characterized by its round and drum-like shape, with chimneys and a woodshed nearby. In Yixing, kilns were primarily used to fire teapots, reaching temperatures as high as 1100 degrees Celsius, resulting in smooth teapot bodies with excellent breathability. Historical records indicate that this location was once the site where General Fan Li crafted pottery.

Ceramic Art Museum

For those interested in the art of ceramics, the Taozu Sacred Site offers the Ceramic Art Museum, consisting of a display gallery and a pottery bar. The gallery showcases a diverse collection of artworks created by renowned ceramic artists, providing visitors with an opportunity to admire their craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the pottery bar offers a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to personally engage in the joy of creating teapots and other ceramic pieces.

Vlog about Taozu Sacred Site

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Taozu Pottery Bar:

  • Visitors can enjoy a free pottery experience at the Taozu Pottery Bar. The molds available are limited to the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.
  • For those who want to keep their pottery creations, there is an option to have them fired for an additional fee of 30 yuan. If not, you can take the unfired pottery with you.

Bamboo Forest with Swings and Hammocks:

  • Upon entering the bamboo forest, you’ll find many swings and hammocks on both sides. It’s a pleasant experience to relax and sway in them, especially during cooler weather.

Muli Cave:

  • The Muli Cave is well-maintained with clear signage, and it doesn’t have high steps, making it accessible for most visitors.

Other Attractions in Yixing

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