Longbei Mountain Forest Park – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

longbeishan forest park

Longbei Mountain Forest Park, also known as Longbeishan Forest Park (龙背山森林公园), is a sprawling 550-hectare natural wonder located in Yixing, China. This park boasts rolling hills and lush vegetation, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. With over 10,000 square meters of vibrant green lawns, the park invites visitors to bask in its natural beauty.

Within the park, you’ll discover enchanting gardens such as the Osmanthus Garden, Azalea Garden, and Rose Garden, nestled amid the backdrop of dense pine forests and verdant bamboo groves. The park is also home to picturesque waterfalls, tranquil jade ponds, and flourishing bamboo groves, creating an atmosphere of serenity that captivates and captivates visitors.

As the largest urban ecological park in the Shanghai-Ningbo-Hangzhou region, Longbei Mountain Forest Park attracts over 500,000 domestic and international visitors annually. Its breathtaking landscapes and diverse flora and fauna make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a harmonious connection with nature.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Sightseeing Bus20 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-0510-87965909

Location and Transportation

Longbei Mountain Forest Park is located on the southern side of Yixing City in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. It stands at the southern end of Renmin South Road, within the urban area. To get there, tourists can take Bus Yixing 183, Yixing 201, or Yixing 202, and get off at Senlin Gongyuan Xi Stop (Forest Park West Stop, 森林公园西站)

Highlights of Longbeishan Forest Park

Numerous Gardens

numerous gardens in longbeishan forest park

Longbei Mountain Forest Park is home to a multitude of captivating gardens. In the Osmanthus Garden, you’ll find a variety of exquisite osmanthus species, including Golden Osmanthus, Silver Osmanthus, Red Osmanthus, and Year-round Osmanthus. The Azalea Garden boasts dozens of varieties, from Chinese to Western azaleas, Taiwanese azaleas, and Japanese azaleas, creating a vibrant display. The Rose Garden is equally diverse and enchanting. These unique flower gardens, each spanning around a hundred acres, offer a year-round floral spectacle, with blooms unfolding in a delightful sequence.

Additionally, the park features Peach Orchards, Pear Orchards, Chestnut Orchards, and Tea Gardens, allowing visitors to pick fruits and even participate in tea-making activities, providing a taste of rural pleasures. Strolling through the park, the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of blossoms, creating a truly immersive sensory experience.

Celebrity Galleries

celebrity galleries in longbeishan forest park

The Longbei Mountain Forest Park features three remarkable celebrity galleries: the Science and Education Celebrity Gallery, the Historical Celebrity Gallery, and the Art Celebrity Gallery. These galleries serve as a focal point for celebrating the achievements and contributions of prominent individuals from various fields throughout Yixing’s history. The stories, deeds, and legends associated with these celebrated figures are truly abundant, with many of them leaving an indelible mark on history, shining brightly through the ages, and contributing significantly to the rich tapestry of Chinese cultural history. These galleries offer visitors a captivating journey through the lives and legacies of these remarkable personalities.

Water Features and Buildings

water features and buildings in longbei mountain forest park

Longbei Mountain Forest Park is graced with a network of enchanting water features, including ponds, lakes, streams, and brooks, where crystal-clear waters reflect the park’s rich cultural heritage. In ancient times, during the Jin Dynasty, Marquis Xiao of Zhou once shot a tiger in the South Mountain and left behind the iconic Shehu Pavilion and Liubei Bridge. In the Tang Dynasty, the renowned statesman Lu Xisheng visited Shiting to admire plum blossoms, composing poetic verses that captured his emotions. During the Song Dynasty, the great military strategist Yue Fei constructed the Yue Dam and Xie Bridge here while defending against the Jin invaders. These historical water features and buildings add depth to the park’s natural beauty and cultural significance.

Various Entertainment

various entertainment in longbeishan forest park

The amusement park within Longbei Mountain Forest Park, situated on the east side, spans over 70,000 square meters and offers a wide array of thrilling attractions. These include roller coasters, large-scale sightseeing cars, the Apollo spaceship ride, rock climbing, and a dry ski slope, totaling 19 exciting experiences. Catering to diverse age groups, from children to adults, it combines elements of excitement, wonder, and adventure with educational and entertaining aspects. Visitors can enjoy both physical fitness and leisure, making it a perfect destination for family outings and recreation for individuals of all ages.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Clean Restrooms: The park provides clean restroom facilities, and most of them are equipped with hand soap for visitors’ convenience.

Bring Water: It is advisable to bring your own water as there are limited places within the park selling beverages.

Entrances and Parking: Longbei Mountain Forest Park has three entrances: Taodu Gate, Yangxian Gate, and Jingxi Gate. If convenience for parking is a priority, choose Taodu Gate. For shorter walking distances, Yangxian Gate is recommended. Jingxi Gate is a bit farther and not recommended for easy access.

Recommended Visiting Seasons: Plan your visit according to the seasons for different blooming flowers: March for cherry blossoms, April for tulips, May for hydrangeas, and May to September for roses.

Convenient Transportation within the Park: Due to the park’s extensive size, consider renting a small electric vehicle at the Visitor Center if you have elderly or young companions. This allows you to explore the cherry blossom forest, rose garden, bamboo forest, and tea plantation in an afternoon. Prices for rental vary, with options like 3-seater vehicles at 100 yuan per hour or single-person vehicles at 20 yuan for 30 minutes.

Boating Option: While there is a boating option upon entering, it’s not highly recommended as the lake is not very large.

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