Yujia Stone Village, Shijiazhuang – Ticekt Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

yujia stone village

Tucked away in the heart of China’s rich historical tapestry, Yujia Stone Village (于家石头村) stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of its people and their remarkable heritage. This remarkable village, with a history spanning five centuries, bears witness to the tenacity of its 400 families, comprising approximately 1600 residents. A remarkable 95% of them share the venerable family name of Yu, tracing their lineage to a legendary figure in Chinese history – Yu Qian, the resolute chancellor who saved the nation from relentless nomadic invasions during the Ming Dynasty.

The defining feature of Yujia Stone Village, which captivates the imagination of all who visit, is its extraordinary architecture. Nestled amid the lush landscapes, almost all the buildings in this village are constructed from sturdy, age-old stones. These stones, weathered by the hands of time, have watched over the village for generations, offering both protection and an indomitable connection to its roots.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 hours
Ticket Price35 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30; Last admission 17.00

Location and Transportation

Yujia Stone Village is a picturesque and culturally rich destination situated in the enchanting landscapes of Jingjing County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. This charming village is nestled approximately 15 kilometers to the southwest of Weihui Town. Because of its remote location, the only way to get there is to drive yourself.

Highlights of Yujia Stone Village

Stone Streets

stone streets in yujia stone village

The streets of Yujia Stone Village, winding and meandering through its historical precincts, stretch over a staggering 3700 meters in total. What sets them apart is that they are entirely paved with bluestones, a feat of engineering that has evolved over centuries. The constant footfall of villagers and livestock has polished these cobblestone paths to a creamy and shining splendor, rendering them not only functional but also a work of art.

Stone Siheyuan

stone siheyuan in yujia stone village

At the heart of Yujia Stone Village lies a majestic Siheyuan, a traditional Chinese courtyard residence spanning nearly 1000 square meters. This architectural marvel is divided into two wings, the east, and the west, symbolizing both balance and prosperity. What truly distinguishes this Siheyuan is the remarkable academic achievement of its inhabitants. A staggering 12 members of the family who owned this house have successfully passed the imperial examinations, a testament to their intellectual prowess and determination, which is particularly notable given the village’s remote location.

Qiangliang Pavilion

qingliang pavilion in Yujia Stone Village

Another remarkable highlight in Yujia Stone Village is the Qingliang Pavilion, nestled in the eastern reaches of the village. This pavilion, a crowning jewel of architectural ingenuity, was purportedly built exclusively by Yu Xichu, a mighty individual who left an indelible mark on the village’s history. Standing three stories tall, this pavilion exudes an aura of grace and grandeur. What sets it apart is the meticulous craftsmanship that has gone into its construction. The lower two stories are almost entirely composed of stone, a material that was employed not only for the walls but also for the gate, windows, beams, stairs, tables, beds, and plaques. This commitment to stone is a testament to the enduring nature of Yujia Stone Village’s cultural heritage.

Useful Tips summarized from Reviews

Village Overview: The village is small with not many specific attractions. Without guided explanations, exploring the village may take only half an hour to an hour.

Low Tourist Traffic: The village has few visitors, providing a tranquil and less crowded atmosphere. The narrow stone-paved paths encourage a leisurely and relaxed walking pace.

Refreshment: Next to Qingliang Pavilion, there is a coffee shop where Americano is available for 18 yuan.

Scenic Route: The journey follows the Taihang Mountain Sky Road, featuring beautiful scenery with abundant flowers and plants. The overall experience is enhanced by the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Attractions in Suburbs of Shijiazhuang

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