Zhengzhou Aquarium – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

zhengzhou aquarium

The Zhengzhou Aquarium (郑州海洋馆) features eight main exhibition areas: the Freshwater Biology Hall, the Coral Reef Biology Hall, the Marine Animal Performance Theater, the Underwater Tunnel Hall, the Maritime Folk Custom Hall, the Marine Restaurant, and the Souvenir Shopping Mall. It is the world’s newest generation of large-scale modern aquariums and the largest in the central and western regions of China, and the third largest in China primarily showcasing marine life (after Beijing and Shanghai). With over 1,000 species and more than 10,000 marine creatures from polar, temperate, and tropical regions, the aquarium offers a rich and fascinating experience for visitors, immersing them in the mysteries of the deep sea.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price130 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.00
Telephone Number0086-0371-63567402

Location and Transportation

The Zhengzhou Aquarium is located at No. 86 Guoji Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. It is situated close to the North Third Ring Road, Wenhuai Road, Lianhuo Expressway, and the Zhengzhou Ring Expressway. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 79, 186, 906, B20, B38, G29, S160, Y25, Y53, or Y6 and get off at Zhengzhou Aquarium Stop (郑州海洋馆站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Zhengzhou Aquarium is Zhangjia Village (张家村) on line 4. After getting out of the station from Exit B2, walk about 500 meters to the southwest to reach the aquarium.

Highlights of Zhengzhou Aquarium

Polar Animal World

polar animal world in zhengzhou aquarium

The Polar Animal World is a new addition to the Zhengzhou Aquarium, featuring a nearly 10-meter-high three-dimensional water curtain and an immersive open space spanning nearly 20 meters wide, allowing visitors to enjoy the marine world to the fullest. The Polar Animal World comprises eight floors and is divided into four main areas. Visitors can admire rare polar marine creatures such as killer whales, dolphins, beluga whales, penguins, Arctic wolves, Arctic foxes, as well as various unique marine species including spotted seals, fur seals, capybaras, beavers, and barnacle geese.

Marine Aquarium World

Marine Aquarium world in zhengzhou aquarium

The Marine Aquarium World includes six main exhibition areas: the Freshwater Hall, Amazon Rainforest Hall, Marine Animal Performance Theater, Ocean Theater, Underwater Tunnel Hall, and Coral Sea Biology Hall. Here, visitors can marvel at over a thousand species of freshwater and marine life, including South American sea lions, East Asian river dolphins, giant arapaimas, stingrays, manta rays, and sharks. Walking through the over 70-meter-long underwater tunnel, visitors can immerse themselves in the underwater world. The coral reefs here form a magnificent underwater forest, offering a breathtaking sight. Visitors can even experience it firsthand with a super camera boasting 576 million pixels.

Mediterranean Town

mediterranean town in zhengzhou aquarium

The Mediterranean Town, with its handsome castle-like appearance, seamlessly connects the Polar Animal World and Marine Aquarium World. It serves as a joyful theme park for visitors, featuring entertaining attractions such as the Dolphin Performance Theater, Sea Lion Park, Seabird Beach, Crocodile Pool, and Amphibian Reptile Hall. The Dolphin Performance Theater, located in the northwest direction of the town, can accommodate over 2,000 spectators. With its magnificent stage, large dolphin pool, and unique theater-style design, it hosts captivating dolphin-human dialogue performances.

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