Zhexi Grand Canyon – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

zhexi grand canyon

Zhexi Grand Canyon, or West of Zhejiang Grand Canyon (浙西大峡谷), named for its location in the northwest part of Zhejiang province, is a breathtaking natural wonder. Spanning 83 kilometers, the canyon is characterized by towering mountains, rapid waters, and unique geological formations. It is an extension of the Huangshan mountain range and serves as the source of the Qiantang River system.

The canyon forms a narrow, belt-like gorge adorned with abundant flowers and lush vegetation, creating a picturesque landscape. Remarkable peaks and beautiful rocks seemingly “grow” on the cliffs along the canyon, adding to its dramatic scenery.

The scenic area is divided into four major tourist zones, with Jianmenguan Pass and Baimaya Cliffs being the primary attractions. Visitors can explore the canyon by taking bamboo rafts steered by local boatmen or experience the thrill of steering the rafts themselves. Alternatively, one can walk along a 2-kilometer-long trail, immersing themselves in the joy of hiking amid the stunning canyon surroundings. Occasionally, visitors may also witness heart-stopping high-wire performances across the canyon, adding an extra element of excitement to the Zhexi Grand Canyon experience.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 days
Ticket Price120 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 16.00; Last admission: 14.00
Telephone Number0086-0571-63631745

Location and Transportation

Zhexi Grand Canyon is located within the boundaries of the Qingliangfeng National Nature Reserve in Lin’an District, Hangzhou, where the provinces of Zhejiang and Anhui meet in China. To get there, you can take a bus from Hangzhou West Bus Station to Changhua Town Bus Station (approximately 25 yuan, 1.5 hours), and then transfer to a minibus heading to the Grand Canyon (around 7 yuan, 50 minutes).

Highlights of Zhexi Grand Canyon

Baima Cliff (White Horse Cliff)

baima cliff in zhexi grand canyon

Baima Cliff, named for a mountain peak that resembles a giant horse head, is a prominent highlight within Zhexi Grand Canyon. The scenic area is situated along the Pingsi Creek, with a trail winding around the mountain, offering spectacular views of rock peaks, cliffs, creek stones, and cascading waterfalls. Notable attractions include the Giant Cauldron Rock, Phoenix Valley, Hundred Zhang Ravine, and the Galaxy Waterfall. The deep and steep cliffs, shaded by lush trees, are often referred to as the “Terrifying Valley.” Yet, due to its compact and picturesque canyon landscape, it is also affectionately called the “Bonsai Valley.”

Laodui Creek

laidui creek in zhexi grand canyon

Laodui Creek is a sandy area where two streams converge, once used by local mountain farmers for water-powered mills. In the past, dozens of water mills were built here, creating a diverse array of water mill clusters. As modern electric machinery replaced traditional water mills for grain processing, the water mills became relics of the past. Today, this area has been transformed into a tourist destination. While some original water mills have been reconstructed, serving as a scenic spot for visitors, the highlight here is the boat-shaped millstone in the creek. Rising nearly 10 meters and stretching about 20 meters, this stone resembles the bow of a ship when viewed from the west, and from the front, it looks like a giant wheel heading into the sea, creating a captivating sight.

Xishuitan (Playing in the Water Beach)

xishuitan in zhexi grand canyon

Xishuitan, known as “Playing in the Water Beach,” is a section of the Grand Canyon specifically designated for hiking and traversing. Stretching from Shemenwan to Quanshui Restaurant, it is approximately three kilometers long and consists of five beaches and six ponds, including Guolong Pond, Chang Pond, Shaoji Pond, Dabie Pond, Xiaobie Pond, and Jianmen Pond. The flowing water, unique creek stones, and connected pools provide an immersive experience for visitors playing in the water, navigating the area on rafts, or simply admiring the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountain landscapes. The hiking trail follows the water, meandering and winding with stone steps, boardwalks, shoreline paths, and suspension bridges. Along the way, visitors can explore attractions such as Handheld Water, Meiluyuan (Plum Deer Garden), bamboo raft drifting, and a fountain bathing area, offering a variety of entertainment options amidst the natural splendor of Zhexi Grand Canyon.

Shixiang Bay (Lion-Elephant Bay)

shixiang bay in zhexi grand canyon

Shixiang Bay derives its name from the two prominent landmarks within the area, namely Lion Rock and Elephant Trunk Peak. Situated at the confluence of Taohua Creek and Juxi Creek, the terrain is gentle, with a road passing through, making it easily accessible for visitors. Apart from Lion Rock and Elephant Trunk Peak, notable attractions include the Qing Song Ping at the mouth of Taohua Creek, Quanshui Restaurant at the foot of the bay, Xiangjian Power Station, Wuxing Bridge, and the Suspension Bridge.

Beyond the scenic spots, Longtan Pool, characterized by calm and level water, serves as the starting point for canyon drifting. The Suspension Bridge, suspended by steel cables, spans nearly 70 meters in length and rises over 40 meters high. Walking across the bridge, visitors experience a thrilling sensation as it sways in the air. Some tourists dub it the “Bridge of the Brave.” Wuxing Bridge features a mountain goods market at its entrance, offering various local specialties from the Grand Canyon.

Shemen Bay (Social Gate Bay)

shemen bay in zhexi grand canyon

Beyond the Jianmenguan, heading upstream, lies Shemen Bay, where a valley houses the Longjiao Peak, reaching a height of over 30 meters. Ascending along the mountain for more than 500 meters, a single cable, over 200 meters long and 70 meters high, is suspended. Performers showcase daring feats such as riding bicycles, unicycles, and motorcycles on this single steel wire, captivating the audience. Shemen Bay’s entrance is adorned with several groups of naturally formed stone tables and benches, providing a resting place for visitors. Additionally, an outdoor sports base is established in Shemen Bay.

Zhelin Waterfall

zhelin waterfall in zhexi grand canyon

The Zhelin Waterfall scenic area is situated along the Zhelinkeng Creek. The entire area is characterized by majestic rocky formations and lush trees. Key attractions include Grass Hut, Double Plank Bridge, and Carp Rock. The main features are two waterfalls, namely Longmen Waterfall, with a broad curtain-like cascade, and Yansheng Waterfall, which is long and slender like a soft ribbon. At the exit, there is a newly constructed six-meter-diameter waterwheel symbolizing the cyclical nature of time, representing the notion of “time turns, cycles repeat.”

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