Zigong Dinosaur Museum -TIcket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

zigong dinosaur museum

Zigong Dinosaur Museum (自贡恐龙博物馆) is located in the northeastern part of Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China, and was opened to the public in 1987. Situated on the renowned “Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Site,” the museum is a large on-site facility built directly on the fossil grounds, following the Banpo Site and the Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army Pit. It is not only China’s first specialized dinosaur museum but also one of the world’s three major dinosaur fossil site museums.

Covering an area of over 66,000 square meters, the museum’s collection includes nearly all known dinosaur species from the Jurassic period, dating back approximately 201 to 145 million years ago. It is recognized as one of the places in the world with the most extensive collection and display of Jurassic dinosaur fossils. The museum has been praised by the National Geographic magazine as the “best dinosaur museum in the world.”

The architectural design of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum is innovative and distinctive, comprising various-sized and uniquely shaped stone buildings. These structures, resembling scattered large sandstone formations, are surrounded by subtropical vegetation. The main building of the museum is robust and simple, with a cave-like appearance from a distance, resembling a pile of yellowish giant rocks. This design, juxtaposed with the surviving Mesozoic plants in the surroundings, creates an impression of an ancient and primordial landscape.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 hours
Ticket Price40 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30; Last admission: 17.00
Telephone Number0086-0813-5801235

Location and Transportation

The Zigong Dinosaur Museum is located near the Zigong Salt History Museum, which is situated in the southeastern part of Sichuan Province, China. The museum itself is positioned in the central area of Zigong, making it easily accessible to both local residents and tourists from around the world.

Tourists from Chengdu can first a a high-speed train to Zigong City, which normally takes about 1 hour and costs 100 RMB, and then transfer to a taxi to cover the remaining 11 kilometers. Although there are also buses leading to the museum, they involve complex transfers and take too much time.

Highlights of Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Vast Dinosaur Fossil Collection

vast dinosaur fossil collection in zigong dinosaur museum

The Zigong Dinosaur Museum boasts a remarkable dinosaur fossil collection, impressing visitors with its vast array of well-preserved specimens. Displayed in meticulous detail, the collection features diverse species of dinosaurs, ranging from massive sauropods to fearsome theropods and intriguing stegosaurs. Fossilized remains of these ancient creatures, along with their eggs and footprints, provide a captivating glimpse into the Mesozoic era. The museum’s expertly curated exhibits, coupled with informative displays and interactive elements, offer an enriching experience, allowing visitors to explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs and gain a deeper understanding of our planet’s prehistoric past.

Life-Like Dinosaur Exhibits

life-like dinosaur exhibits in zigong dinosaur museum

The Zigong Dinosaur Museum showcases awe-inspiring life-like dinosaur exhibits that transport visitors to a bygone era. These meticulously crafted animatronic replicas bring the prehistoric world to life, captivating audiences with their realistic movements and roaring sounds. The exhibits feature a diverse range of dinosaurs, from towering long-necked sauropods to swift and deadly carnivores. As visitors wander through the museum, they are immersed in an interactive journey, witnessing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The combination of cutting-edge technology and scientific accuracy creates an unforgettable experience, leaving guests with a profound appreciation for the magnificent and mysterious creatures that once roamed the ancient earth.

Interactive Displays

interactive displays in zigong dinosaur museum

The Zigong Dinosaur Museum offers an engaging experience through its interactive displays, captivating visitors of all ages. These hands-on exhibits invite exploration and discovery, allowing guests to become amateur paleontologists. Through simulated fossil excavations, visitors can uncover ancient remains and learn about the excavation process. Interactive touchscreens provide fascinating information about different dinosaur species, their habitats, and behaviors. Educational games and activities challenge visitors to match dinosaur footprints, assemble skeletal puzzles, and more.

Dinosaur Theme Park

the dinosaur theme park in zigong dinosaur museum

The dinosaur theme park surrounding the Zigong Dinosaur Museum is a thrilling extension of the prehistoric experience. The park offers a dynamic blend of entertainment and education, catering to visitors of all ages. Guests can embark on a journey through time, encountering life-sized dinosaur sculptures and animatronics that mimic the ancient creatures’ movements and sounds. Beyond the exhibits, the park features dinosaur-themed amusement rides, interactive play areas, and educational activities, creating a fun-filled day for families and enthusiasts.

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Useful Tips from Genuine Reviews

Visitor Guidelines: Visitors under 16 years old must be accompanied by a guardian, and elderly individuals with mobility issues are recommended to have friends or family accompany them.

Sun Protection: The museum park is extensive, and if visiting in the summer, it’s crucial to be mindful of sun exposure. While the museum itself provides indoor shelter, other areas are exposed to direct sunlight.

Adjacent Attraction: Next to the Zigong Dinosaur Museum is the Fantawild Dinosaur Kingdom, and visitors might consider planning to visit both attractions on the same day.

Audio Guide Rental: Consider renting an audio guide (priced at 30 yuan). This can provide a deeper understanding of the history of dinosaurs, enhancing the overall experience.

New Exhibit Area: Explore the new exhibit area located behind the old museum. This area features many projections and has attractive exhibition halls. Experience unique activities such as using your palm temperature to incubate baby dinosaurs, adding a sensory element to the visit. The exhibition primarily covers the origin and extinction process of dinosaurs.

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