9 Famous Roast Duck Restaurants in Beijing

9 Famous Roast Duck Restaurants in Beijing

Beijing, renowned for its rich culinary heritage, particularly stands out for its iconic dish – roast duck. Across the city, numerous esteemed restaurants compete to offer visitors the most exquisite and authentic roast duck experience. Among these establishments, several have gained widespread acclaim for their mastery of the art of roasting duck to perfection. From time-honored brands with centuries of history to innovative newcomers, each restaurant brings its own unique approach and flavor profile to this beloved dish. Let us delve into the realm of Beijing’s famous roast duck restaurants, exploring the top establishments where diners can savor this delectable delicacy at its finest.

Quanjude Roast Duck (全聚德烤鸭): Established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty (Year 3 of Tongzhi reign), Quanjude is a prestigious old brand in China. Their roast duck, roasted with fruitwood, features crispy skin and tender meat, offering a delicious taste. The original Quanjude restaurant in Qianmen is particularly unique and is an excellent place to taste authentic Quanjude roast duck.

Bianyifang Roast Duck (便宜坊烤鸭): Bianyifang is another major school of roast duck in Beijing, dating back to the Ming Dynasty in 1416. Their roast duck is cooked in a closed oven, resulting in crispy skin, tender meat, and a delicious flavor. During the roasting process, the duck is not exposed to open flames, ensuring the surface of the duck remains free of impurities, earning it the title of “green roast duck.”

Siji Minfu Roast Duck (四季民福烤鸭): The roast duck at Siji Minfu is a reddish-brown color with no impurities on the surface, boasting excellent taste. The location of their Wangfujing/Dongdan branch is particularly advantageous, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy roast duck while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Forbidden City.

Li Qun Roast Duck (利群烤鸭): Founded by Li Qun, a former chef of Quanjude, Li Qun Roast Duck restaurant features a complex roasting process that emphasizes the balance between meat and fat, resulting in crispy skin and sweet meat, beloved by diners.

Da Dong Roast Duck (大董烤鸭): Da Dong Roast Duck is known for its unique cooking techniques and innovative flavors. The roast duck at Da Dong features crispy skin, tender meat, and an enticing color, providing a delightful taste experience. Additionally, the elegant environment and attentive service make Da Dong Roast Duck restaurant an excellent destination for tasting authentic Beijing roast duck.

Li Kuigui Roast Duck (李魁贵烤鸭): Although Li Kuigui Roast Duck is relatively young, established in 1992, its unique roasting methods and exquisite culinary skills have made it popular among diners. The roast duck boasts a delicious taste and tender texture, leaving a lasting impression.

Le Ke Feng Roast Duck (乐可风烤鸭): Le Ke Feng Roast Duck restaurant is favored by diners for its high-quality roast duck and attentive service. The duck has crispy skin, tender meat, and rich juices, offering a rich and layered taste experience. The comfortable environment inside the restaurant allows diners to enjoy a pleasant dining experience while savoring delicious food.

Xiao Wangfu Roast Duck (小王府烤鸭): Xiao Wangfu Roast Duck restaurant is a classical-style roast duck restaurant with elegant decor and a rustic atmosphere. The meticulous preparation process results in a rich flavor that is highly praised by diners.

Jufuyuan Roast Duck (聚福源烤鸭): Jufuyuan Roast Duck restaurant offers roast duck with an enticing color and a delicious, tender texture. Every bite is filled with the rich aroma of roast duck. The restaurant’s ambiance and service create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, allowing diners to feel at home while enjoying their meal.

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