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5 Must-Try Shaanxi Noodles

5 Must-Try Shaanxi Noodles

China’s rich culinary heritage is beautifully showcased in the diverse noodle dishes found throughout the country, and Shaanxi province is no exception. Renowned for its robust flavors and unique preparations, Shaanxi noodles offer a delightful gastronomic experience. Let’s embark on a culinary journey and explore five must-try Shaanxi noodle dishes. 1. Qishan Saosimian (岐山臊子面) Originating […]

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youcha mahua

Youcha Mahua (Oil Tea Fired Dough Twist)

Youcha Mahua (油茶麻花), also known as Oil Tea Fried Dough Twist, is a beloved traditional breakfast treat hailing from Shaanxi, particularly the cities of Xi’an and Hancheng. This delightful dish combines two essential components: the crispy and twisted dough twists known as “mahua” and a rich, aromatic tea-infused soup called “youcha.” Together, they create a

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