Century Park, Shanghai – Ticket, Opening Hours, HIghlights, and Tips

century park shanghai

Century Park (世纪公园), located at the southeast end of Century Avenue in Pudong, is one of the largest natural ecological parks within the Shanghai urban area. The park is divided into different zones, including a rural landscape area, lakeside area, sparse forest and lawn area, bird conservation area, and exotic garden area. With a well-maintained ecological environment, Century Park is a perfect destination within the city for relaxation and recreational activities.

The Mirror of Heaven Lake (镜天湖) is one of the larger artificial lakes in the Shanghai region, with an almost circular shape and a diameter of approximately 300 meters. The Zhangjiabang River flows through the park, creating a network of waterways and enhancing the ecological environment. When a gentle breeze blows, standing by the lakeside on Cloud Sail Bridge or viewing platforms provides a rare urban experience of rippling blue waters.

The park offers fishing and boating services along the lakeside, providing enjoyable recreational options. The bird conservation area is home to dozens of bird species, creating a habitat for various avian residents. Additionally, Century Park features dozens of grey magpies that are specially raised in the park, adding to the vibrant and natural atmosphere as they play and sing amidst the trees and water.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket Price10 RMB
Opening Hours5.00 -21.00 throughout the year
Telephone Number0086-021-58333983

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Location and Transportation

Century Park Shanghai is located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China. Specifically, it is situated in the southeastern part of Pudong, near the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Surrounded by towering skyscrapers and bustling city streets, it provides a refreshing contrast to the urban landscape. To get there, you can choose the following ways:


  • Take bus 184, 640, 794, or Pudong 35 and get off at Jinqiu Road Century Avenue Stop (锦绣路世纪大道站)
  • Take bus 1013, Huamu 1, or Pudong 11, get off at Meihua Road Haitong Road Stop (梅花路海桐路站), and walk about 150 meters to the north to reach the park.


  • Take metro line 2, get off at Century Park station (世纪公园), get out of the station from Exit 1, and walk about 50 meters to the north to reach the park.
  • Take metro line 7, get off at Huamu Road station (花木路), get out of the station from Exit S, and walk about 100 meters to the north to reach the park.

Highlights of Century Park

Expansive Green Space

expansive green space in century park shanghai

Century Park Shanghai boasts an expansive green space that serves as a peaceful retreat within the bustling city. Spanning over a vast area, the park offers open lawns, manicured gardens, and tree-lined pathways. Visitors can immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere, find a tranquil spot for a picnic, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst the lush surroundings. The park’s well-maintained greenery provides a refreshing escape, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and find respite from the urban hustle and bustle.

Picturesque Lake

picturesque lake in century park shanghai

Nestled within Century Park Shanghai lies a picturesque lake that adds to the park’s enchanting allure. The serene waters of the lake reflect the surrounding greenery, creating a captivating sight. Visitors can take leisurely walks along the lakeside promenade, enjoying the tranquil ambiance and stunning views. For a more immersive experience, paddle boats are available for rent, allowing visitors to glide across the calm waters and take in the park’s natural beauty from a different perspective.

Diverse Flora

diverse flora in century park shanghai

Century Park Shanghai is adorned with a diverse array of flora, captivating visitors with its stunning botanical displays. The park showcases a rich tapestry of plant life, ranging from vibrant flowers to towering trees and lush shrubs. Each season brings its own unique charm, with cherry blossoms in spring, colorful foliage in autumn, and blooming flowers throughout the year. Whether it’s a fragrant rose garden, a vibrant field of tulips, or an elegant bamboo grove, the diverse flora in Century Park offers a feast for the senses.

Sculpture Exhibitions

sculpture exhibitions in century park shanghai

Century Park Shanghai is renowned for its captivating sculpture exhibitions, adding an artistic touch to its natural surroundings. Throughout the year, the park hosts a series of exhibitions featuring an array of sculptures by both local and international artists. These thought-provoking artworks are strategically placed amidst the park’s greenery, creating a harmonious fusion of art and nature. Visitors can meander through the park, discovering captivating sculptures that range from abstract forms to figurative masterpieces. The sculpture exhibitions in Century Park Shanghai provide a unique cultural experience, inviting visitors to appreciate the beauty of art in an enchanting outdoor setting.

Wildlife Sanctuary

wildlife sanctuary in century park shanghai

Century Park Shanghai serves as a remarkable wildlife sanctuary within the bustling cityscape, offering a haven for various species. The park’s ecological zones and wetlands provide a natural habitat for diverse wildlife, attracting an array of bird species. Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot migratory birds and local avian residents in their natural surroundings. The park’s commitment to wildlife preservation promotes biodiversity and raises awareness about conservation. Visitors can witness the harmonious coexistence of nature and urbanity as they observe the thriving wildlife population within the tranquil confines of Century Park Shanghai.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Pigeon House: Enter through Gate 2 and walk a short distance ahead to reach the pigeon house. Here, you can feed the pigeons and even take photos with them. Note that outside food is not allowed; you must purchase food packets from the staff for 5 yuan each.

Camping in the Open Lawn Area: The camping area is located near Gate 7. You can bring your tent and camping gear to enjoy a night under the stars. Don’t forget to pack some snacks for the camping trip.

Children’s Entertainment Facilities: Near Gate 2, there’s a large children’s entertainment area offering bumper cars, roller coasters, and other fun activities. Opposite Plum Garden near Gate 7, there’s also an artificial sand beach where kids can play. Additionally, there’s a small train ride available for 30 yuan per 2 rounds and a cartoon train for 5 yuan per 3 minutes.

Tea Break and Snacks: Near the Plum Garden, close to Gate 7, you’ll find a Garden Cafe offering snacks, beverages, coffee, and steak meals. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy afternoon tea while admiring the plum blossoms.

Bicycle Rental: Bicycle rental services are available near Gate 1 (on the right), Gate 3 (on the left), and Gate 7 (on the right). They offer single bicycles, tandem bicycles, and electric bikes. The deposit is 500 yuan, and the rental fee is 60 yuan per hour for single bicycles and 120 yuan per hour for tandem bicycles and electric bikes.

Mirror Lake Boat Ride: Enjoy a leisurely boat ride on Mirror Lake for 100 yuan per hour with a 20 yuan deposit. Each boat can accommodate up to 4 people.

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