Lanyue Bay in West Taihu Lake – Highlights and Location

lanyue bay in west taihu lake

West Taihu Lake (西太湖), also known as Ge Lake, is situated in the Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. As the second-largest lake in Southern Jiangsu, it ranks just below the renowned Taihu Lake. This picturesque lake, bordered by Yixing to the south, connected to the Yangtze River to the north, facing the vast Taihu Lake to the east, and linked to Changdang Lake to the west, resembles a piece of emerald quietly embedded in the southern Jiangsu landscape.

Lanyue Bay (揽月湾), nestled along the shores of West Taihu Lake, unfolds a narrative intricately woven around the theme of the moon. Creating a romantic ambiance, the bay utilizes its lakeside landscape to uncover cultural significance. The “Hugan Heart and Ambition” monument showcases the historical journey of Lanyue Bay. The “Heart Moon” sculpture, abstract in its portrayal, delicately embodies the moon’s soft, poetic, and romantic essence. The star-shaped building, functioning as the visitor center, takes on a distinctive four-pointed star shape when viewed from above, harmonizing with the celestial theme of stars and moons in Lanyue Bay. The sunken plaza, backed by a cascading water feature, provides a tranquil space for visitors to rest and reflect.

Approaching the waterside platform, one encounters thirty carefully selected characters for the moon, symbolizing the full lunar cycle from the first to the thirtieth day. To the right of the waterside platform stands a petite “Magpie Bridge,” adding a touch of whimsy. In front of the crescent-shaped wooden boardwalk platform, the highest musical fountain, capable of reaching up to 108 meters, presents a captivating aquatic performance. The avant-garde “Star of Ge Lake” observation tower, with its streamlined design, epitomizes a sense of grace, fluidity, and modern sophistication.

Amidst the serene and leisurely ambiance of West Taihu Lake’s Lanyue Bay, visitors can enjoy gentle strolls, lake-view appreciation, kite-flying with family or loved ones, and the delightful spectacle of egrets soaring in the sky. It is an ideal spot to unwind, and families can attend the fountain performances in the evening with their children. Since the current offerings are relatively simple, lacking additional entertainment facilities, those with limited time may choose to explore other destinations. Visitors are advised to take precautions against sun exposure during the sunny summer days.

Location and Transportation

Lanyue Bay in West Taihu Lake is situated to the southwest of the main urban area of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. With a total area of 31 square kilometers, it encompasses 14 square kilometers of water surface. The specific address is Huanhu North Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City.

To get there, tourists can take bus 326 and get off at Lanyue Road Qiushui Road Stop (揽月路秋水路站).

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