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Chongqing, situated in the southwestern part of China along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, holds a rich history as a wartime capital and attained the status of one of China’s four direct-controlled municipalities in 1997. Surrounded by mountains and nestled at the convergence of two rivers in a basin, Chongqing is often shrouded in perpetual mist, earning it the monikers of “Mountain City” and “Fog Capital.”

Chongqing boasts three distinct attractions – delectable cuisine, enchanting nightscapes, and beautiful women. The city is a paradise for food enthusiasts, particularly celebrated for its globally acclaimed hotpot, characterized by its spicy and flavorful nature. The captivating night scenery of Chongqing, whether viewed from the heights of Nanshan or aboard the Yangtze River Cableway, reveals a glittering spectacle that encompasses the confluence of the two rivers. Additionally, Chongqing is known for its abundance of attractive women, with popular districts like Jiefangbei and Guanyinqiao being prime spots for admiring their beauty.

Beyond the city center, Chongqing’s surrounding areas, such as the Wulong Tiankeng (Natural Three Bridges) and Dazu Rock Carvings, have gained popularity in recent years. Located just 2-3 hours away, these attractions offer day-trip opportunities for visitors to marvel at the extraordinary creations of nature in Wulong and appreciate the exquisite ancient cliff carvings in Dazu.

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The best times to visit Chongqing are during the months of March to May and September to October. These periods, encompassing the spring and autumn seasons, offer the most comfortable temperatures in the subtropical monsoon climate of Chongqing, with neither extreme cold nor heat.

From November to February, Chongqing enters winter, accompanied by chilly and wet weather. Despite the damp conditions, it’s an ideal time for indulging in hotpot and enjoying hot springs. This period marks the city’s off-peak season, with many attractions offering discounted tickets. During Christmas and New Year’s Eve, locals gather at Liberation Square, where the iconic clock strikes midnight, and festive activities, such as balloon releases, take place.

June to August experiences scorching summer temperatures, reaching up to 40°C. Despite the heat, locals relish hotpot during this season, and the relatively clearer skies make it an excellent time for admiring the city’s night views. Popular nearby destinations like Wulong and Jinfoshan may experience a 10% increase in accommodation prices due to the influx of summer vacationers, making it advisable to book in advance.

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Chongqing Food

suan cai yu
Suan Cai Yu (Sichuan Fish Soup with Pickled Mustard Greens)
Suan Cai Yu (酸菜鱼), also known as Sichuan Fish Soup with Pickled Mustard Greens, stands as a classic dish originating from Chongqing, celebrated for its...
ji gong bao
Ji Gong Bao (Chicken Hotpot Stew)
Ji Gong Bao (鸡公煲), also known as Chicken Hotpot Stew, is a distinctive dish originating from the Chongqing and Sichuan regions of China. This culinary...
tofu pudding fish
Dou Hua Yu (Tofu Pudding Fish)
Tofu Pudding Fish (豆花鱼), originating from Sichuan cuisine, is a delectable dish that prominently features grass carp as its main ingredient, complemented...
Shadow Play Beef
Deng Ying Niu Rou (Shadow Play Beef)
Shadow Play Beef, a renowned local delicacy in Sichuan and Chongqing, offers a unique culinary experience. Featuring paper-thin slices of beef, vibrant...
pan fried chicken juicy dumplings
Ji Zhi Guo Tie (Pan-Fried Chicken Juicy Dumplings)
Pan-Fried Chicken Juicy Dumplings, known as “鸡汁锅贴” in Chinese, stand out as a popular snack originating from Sichuan and Chongqing. The dish...
Oil Sweet Fermented Rice (You Lao Zao)
Oil Sweet Fermented Rice (You Lao Zao) - a traditional snack in Fuling
Oil Sweet Fermented Rice, known as “You Lao Zao” (油醪糟) in Chinese, is a renowned traditional snack hailing from Fuling City, now a district...
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