Dongba Valley, Lijiang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Dongba Valley lijiang

Dongba Valley (东巴谷), nestled at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province, is a picturesque gorge formed during ancient mountain-building movements. Stretching 90 kilometers in length, the valley boasts towering cliffs, precipitous cliffs, and numerous caves, creating a surreal landscape reminiscent of a dream. Adorned with a variety of stalactites, withered vines, peculiar trees, strange rocks, rare birds, singing birds, and cascading waterfalls, it was christened Dongba Valley by the locals, known as “Luo Meiluo” in the Naxi language, meaning “a very large valley”.

Dongba Valley is a melting pot of ethnic charm, where artisans of woodcarving and stonemasonry, tofu makers, and weavers are all local farmers from the countryside. Though they belong to different ethnic groups, they seem to be members of one big family. Along the streets, there are six ethnic minority settlements of Naxi, Lisu, Taliu, Pumi, Mosuo, and Tibetan, each with old-fashioned, authentic, and traditional houses. The activities of the people are diverse yet ordinary, ranging from making farming tools and roasting food to various performances.

Lisu men perform knife dances in their own courtyards, showcasing their bravery and skill. Among the Taliu people, every adult girl has her own “girl’s room” where she undergoes a secretive ritual known as the “Seven Tests,” sleeping and conversing with seven different young men to determine her final choice of partner. The Pumi people are known for their exceptional roasted pork, which can be preserved for a long time, while the Naxi women make fresh and delicious pancakes on the spot, attracting eager tourists. The melodious songs and tunes of welcome from Pumi girls and boys echo in the air, while the mysterious and beautiful Mosuo women add an aura of enchantment to the valley.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceAdmission: 40 RMB
Admission + Horse Riding: 270 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-0888-5131705

Location and Transportation

Located in Baisha Town, Yulong Naxi Autonomous County, Lijiang, Dongba Valley is approximately 15 kilometers away from the ancient town of Lijiang. There are no direct buses to Dongba Valley, but visitors can reach it by cycling from Lijiang. Alternatively, one can take bus route 17 from Lijiang Xiangshan Market to the former Yulong Snow Mountain Toll Station, then walk 500 meters to reach the valley.

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