Yak Meadow at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

yak meadow at jade dragon snow mountain

Yak Meadow (牦牛坪), known as “Ban Nongguo” in the Naxi language, translates to “beautiful and mysterious paradise.” Situated at the northern end of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area in Lijiang, Yak Meadow is an integral part of the overall landscape. Within the scenic area, there are villages inhabited by Yi and Tibetan ethnic groups, who primarily engage in pastoralism, preserving ancient customs and fostering a rich atmosphere of ethnic culture. The landscape of Yak Meadow epitomizes the quintessential alpine meadow, where the panoramic views of snowy peaks harmonize with the serpentine flow of the Black Water River. The pristine forest, shrouded in natural tranquility, adds depth and vibrancy to the scenery, creating a picturesque tableau throughout the seasons. In spring, the meadows bloom with colorful flowers; in summer, lush green grass carpets the land; autumn brings about a rich abundance of grass; and in winter, the landscape is blanketed in a glistening coat of snow.

Within the small shops at the scenic spot, visitors can indulge in local delicacies such as highland barley wine, butter tea, and roasted yak meat, all of which offer delightful flavors. In the past, visitors could explore Yak Meadow on yak, but several years ago, as part of tourism regulations, all snack stalls and horse riding facilities were discontinued. Consequently, visitors now explore Yak Meadow by foot along wooden boardwalks, allowing them to savor the alpine meadows and the majestic beauty of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain after descending via cable car.

Yak Meadow also serves as an ideal vantage point for admiring the thirteen peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, making it a prime location for photography, especially during sunrise and sunset. However, frequent fog occurrences might obscure the view. Unlike the relatively flat terrain of Spruce Meadow, Yak Meadow features undulating landscapes that vary with the contours of the mountains, with the Black Water River meandering through its midst. Thus, if Spruce Meadow resembles a beautiful watercolor painting, then Yak Meadow can be likened to a dynamic oil painting with strong layers and textures.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket Price65 RMB for the cable car and sightseeing bus
Opening Hours7.30 – 15.00
Telephone Number0086-0888-5131068

Location and Transportation

Yak Meadow is located at the northern end of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic area in Lijiang. It stretches from the Lijiang-Ming Highway in the east to the Black Water River in the south, bordered by the eastern foothills of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the west, and extending to the upper part of Xuehua Village in the north, covering an area of 16.6 square kilometers.

To reach Yak Meadow, visitors must first travel to the Ganhaizi Visitor Center and transfer to a special shuttle bus operated by the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Company. Private vehicles are only permitted to park at the Ganhaizi Visitor Center.

Vlog about the Yak Meadow

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