Fuchun River, Zhejiang – Location and Highlights

fuchun river zhejiang

The Fuchun River (富春江), also known as the section of the Qiantang River from Meicheng Town, Jiande City, to Wenjia Dam, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, is a central river in Zhejiang Province, China. Stretching 110 kilometers, it flows through the counties of Tonglu and Fuyang. The segment is characterized by picturesque gorges, with verdant hills lining its banks and clear blue waters that allow the riverbed to be seen. Renowned for its scenic beauty, the Fuchun River is also adorned with numerous villages and towns, each rich with local character, earning it the nickname “Little Three Gorges”.

Throughout history, countless literati and poets have drifted along the Fuchun River, leaving behind a wealth of literary masterpieces. During the Southern Dynasties period, the literary figure Wu Jun penned the timeless classic “Letter to Zhu Yuansi” after his journey down the river. The renowned painter Huang Gongwang immortalized the beauty of the Fuchun River in his masterpiece “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, capturing the serene landscapes between Fuyang and Tonglu. With its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery, the Fuchun River continues to inspire artists and visitors alike, showcasing the timeless allure of China’s natural wonders.

Highlights of Fuchun River

Yan Ziling Fishing Platforms

Yan Ziling Fishing Platforms in Fuchun river zhejiang

The Yan Ziling Fishing Platforms comprise two sections, East and West, standing majestically on the banks of the river. Situated over 70 meters away from the river surface, nestled amidst lush ancient woods against the backdrop of green hills, these platforms hold historical and cultural significance. The East Platform is associated with Yan Ziling, a recluse during the Eastern Han Dynasty, known for his love of fishing. The West Platform is linked to Xie Ao, a patriotic figure from the Southern Song Dynasty, who mourned the loss of the national hero, Wen Tianxiang, at this spot. Together, they are known as the “Twin Fishing Platforms,” representing one of the most serene and picturesque spots along the Fuchun River.

Xu Creek

Xu creek in fuchun river

Originating from the northern bank of the upper reaches of the Seven Mile Gorge on the Fuchun River, Xu Creek is a renowned stream. Legend has it that during the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Zixu, fleeing the conspiracy of King Ping of Chu, sought refuge in the state of Wu, passing through this ferry point on his way to the Wu capital, Gusu. The ferry crossing is marked by perilous cliffs, adorned with a monumental inscription reading “Zixu Crossing (子胥渡).” It features expansive river surfaces, tranquil and secluded, with winding ancient paths, hence earning the name “Xu River Wilderness Ferry.”

Hulu (Gourd) Flying Waterfall

hulu waterfall in fuchun river

Nestled within the Benci Bay on the southern bank of the Seven Mile Gorge, the Hulu Flying Waterfall is a mesmerizing natural wonder. Upon navigating 500 meters along the Benci Creek, visitors are greeted by a soaring waterfall cascading down from a precipitous cliff, standing at a staggering height of 100 meters. Amidst the cliffs, there exists a cave resembling a gourd, from which the waterfall pours into, then forcefully rushes out from the base, forming a spectacle of flying pearls and scattered jade, plummeting into the deep pool below. The ensuing layers of mist and spray create a dazzling and refreshing scene.

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