Grand Canyon of Huajiang River – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

grand canyon of huajiang river

The Grand Canyon of Huajiang River (花江大峡谷), located in Guanling County, Guizhou Province, spans approximately 1,000 meters in depth, 80 kilometers in length, and 3 kilometers in width, covering a total area of around 300 square kilometers. As the longest canyon in China, it features winding peaks on both sides, resembling intertwined teeth, with dense forests and peaks resembling waves in the sea. At the bottom of the canyon, the rushing waters of the Huajiang River flow vigorously, creating thunderous sounds as waves churn and roll. Along the sheer cliffs, vines cling and ancient trees thrive.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price30 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-0851-38183666

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Location and Transportation

The Grand Canyon of Huajiang River is situated in the southwest of Guanling County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China, near Guanling Fossil National Geopark. The central scenic area is approximately 3 kilometers from Huajiang Town, 18 kilometers from the county seat, and 40 kilometers from the Huangguoshu Scenic Area.

Travelers can first take a bus from Guiyang to Huajiang Town in Guanling County, which costs around 25 yuan. From Huajiang Town, they can then take a minivan for about 5 yuan to travel westward for 2 kilometers to reach the scenic area of the grand canyon.

Highlights of Grand Canyon of Huajiang River

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Sanjiangkou Scenic Area: This area boasts two scenic spots and nine scenic landscapes distributed along the river. Visitors can marvel at the valley’s water scenery, stunning peaks, and unique rock formations. With minimal human disturbance, the area retains its pristine charm and original beauty.

Shanggua Scenic Area: Stretching from Panjiang Bridge to Jiupan, this region features landscapes scattered along the riverbanks. The canyon’s towering cliffs are home to macaques and wild goats, offering adventurers an opportunity for exploration and discovery.

Xiagua Scenic Area: Centered around the Xiagua Buyi Ancient Village and spanning from Jiupan to Hanyuandong, this area seamlessly integrates natural scenery, cultural relics, and ethnic charm. The well-preserved landscapes and vegetation exude the raw beauty of nature, evoking a sense of returning to simplicity and authenticity.

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Bailin River Canyon: Situated between the Gansuoling and Shaijia Mountains to the east of the county, this canyon features towering mountains and deep valleys, with the meandering Bailin River flowing through its depths. From the upper reaches at Dishuitan Waterfall to the lower reaches where it converges with Langgong River at Langgong, the area is dotted with ethnic villages, bamboo forests, and ancient bridges, offering opportunities for river crossings and exploration of cultural relics along the banks.

Bumudang River Canyon Scenery: Located just 4 kilometers north of the county, this valley follows the Dishuitan Waterfall and is surrounded by undulating mountains and vast fields. Along the riverbanks, weeping willows cast reflections, while Buyi villages nestle among the woods. With roads running along the river and quaint bridges spanning the water, the area showcases the serene beauty of rural landscapes and the rustic charm of village life.

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