Glutinous Chili Rice Bowl – a famous snack in Guizhou

Glutinous Chili Rice Bowl Guizhou

Glutinous rice bowl, also known as “nuo mi fan (糯米饭)” in Chinese, is a beloved snack that originates from Guizhou Province in China. This dish can be found in almost every corner of Guizhou, and many local families take pride in making it themselves.

The main ingredient of Guizhou glutinous rice bowl is glutinous rice, which is typically washed and then steamed until fully cooked. Various condiments are added to the steamed glutinous rice, such as crispy pickles, chili oil, toasted sesame seeds, sugar, soy sauce, and green onions. These condiments give Guizhou glutinous rice bowl a unique combination of sweet, spicy, fragrant, and savory flavors, creating a distinctive taste profile. Additionally, during special occasions like banquets or festivals, there is a special version called “eight treasure rice.” This variation incorporates glutinous rice along with eight different ingredients including sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, melon seeds, lily bulbs, Job’s tears, sago, and lotus seeds, accompanied by a rich sweet soup. It is considered a delicacy and is meticulously prepared.

Moreover, during traditional festivals like the Qingming Festival or the “Third Day of the Third Month,” glutinous rice bowls are soaked in juices extracted from five different plants, resulting in colorful rice known as “flower rice” or “five-color rice.” This colorful variation adds a festive touch to the dish, making it visually appealing.

The process of making Guizhou glutinous rice bowl is also unique. Typically, the glutinous rice is soaked overnight to ensure it becomes soft and sticky when steamed. When preparing the chili oil, Guizhou’s unique Huaxi chili peppers and Zunyi Chaotian chili peppers are used. These two types of chili peppers have distinct characteristics: Huaxi chili peppers are fragrant with moderate spiciness, while Zunyi Chaotian chili peppers are significantly hotter. After boiling and softening these peppers, they are mashed together with garlic and ginger to make a chili paste known as “ciba chili.” This chili paste is an essential condiment for mixing with glutinous rice bowl.

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