Guizhou Yellow Glutinous rice Cake

Guizhou Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake

Guizhou Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake, also known as “黄糕粑” in Chinese, is a traditional and distinctive snack originating from Guizhou Province and parts of Sichuan Province, such as Zigong City. Its name comes from its golden-yellow color and cake-like appearance when served. This delectable treat is not only a staple for social gatherings, family reunions, and festive occasions but also holds deep cultural significance as a traditional folk food in Guizhou, with a long history of being prepared and enjoyed by families in Weng’an and across the region during the Spring Festival.

The main ingredients of Guizhou Yellow Rice Cake include high-quality glutinous rice, sticky rice, yellow soybeans, and white sugar, while the outer layer is wrapped in corn leaves or bamboo leaves. The process of making Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake is quite intricate. Firstly, the sticky rice, glutinous rice, and yellow soybeans are soaked for a day. Then, the cleaned sticky rice and yellow soybeans are ground into a mixed slurry. Next, the glutinous rice is steamed in a traditional wooden steamer until it is about 70-80% cooked. The prepared slurry is then mixed with the steamed glutinous rice in a large wooden basin, and a small amount of red or white sugar is added. Once the water in the slurry is fully absorbed by the glutinous rice, the rice is kneaded into large rice balls and shaped by hand. Finally, the shaped rice balls are wrapped with cleaned and dried corn leaves or bamboo leaves, tied securely, and steamed in a large wooden steamer over fire for 12 to 15 hours.

Guizhou Yellow Rice Cake boasts high nutritional value, being rich in essential trace elements such as zinc and selenium, which are beneficial to the human body. Its texture is characterized by its sweet and mellow taste, moist and sticky consistency, and rich aroma. Each grain of glutinous rice is embedded within the cake, resembling pearls, and the cake itself is translucent and delicately crafted, enhancing its visual appeal and arousing one’s appetite.

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