Hong’ensi Forest Park – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

hong'ensi forest park

Nestled in the heart of Chongqing’s Jiangbei District, Hong’ensi Forest Park (鸿恩寺森林公园) is a sprawling oasis spanning over a thousand acres, making it the second-largest park in the city, only surpassed by the Central Park. It’s a quintessential mountainous park, characterized by undulating terrain with steep cliffs to the northwest and sloping plateaus along the southern riverbanks. At the park’s highest point, the elevation reaches 418 meters, and from the pinnacle of Hong’en Pavilion, visitors can savor panoramic views of Jiangbei District, Yubei District, Shapingba District, Yuzhong District, and the Northern New Area.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.00 – 21.30; Last admission: 21.00
Telephone Number0086-023-67051488

Location and Transportation

Hong’ensi Forest Park is situated on the north bank of the Jialing River in the Jiangbei District, specifically in the Maorshi Village of the Guanyinqiao Street Subdistrict. This beautiful park is located approximately 7 kilometers away from the city center. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 601, 631, or 847, and get off at Hong’ensi Park Stop (鸿恩寺公园站) to reach the east gate.

Metro: The closest metro station to Hong’ensi Forest Park is Dashiba (大石坝) on line 5. After getting out of the station from Exit 3A, walk about 1100 meters to the east to reach the west gate of the park.

Highlights of Hong’ensi Forest Park

Historical Legends

historical legends in hong'ensi forest park

Local folklore weaves a captivating tale associated with Hong’ensi Forest Park. According to legend, during the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Jianwen, Zhu Yunwen, was overthrown by his uncle, Emperor Chengzu, Zhu Di. To escape the pursuing imperial forces, Emperor Jianwen sought refuge in the rugged terrain of Longjie Hill. When he was on the brink of despair, he was miraculously saved by 19 geese sent by Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy. Grateful for this miraculous rescue, Emperor Jianwen’s followers secretly established a temple on the mountain, hoping for a future resurgence. To honor the geese that saved them, they named the temple “Hong’ensi,” and the main deity enshrined within is Guanyin.

Hong’en Pavilion

hong'en pavilion in hong'ensi forest park

Situated at an elevation of around 468 meters, Hong’en Pavilion is the highest point within Hong’ensi Forest Park, surpassing the “One Tree” observation platform on Nanshan, which stands at 437.5 meters. It offers the broadest and most elevated panoramic view of the Chongqing main city area. Hong’en Pavilion is a seven-story structure covering an area of 3,400 square meters. Its architectural style draws inspiration from the traditional buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties in the southwestern region of China. With upturned eaves, corner eave tilt, and ornamental roof ridges, the pavilion’s top two levels are covered with gilded copper tiles, while the lower five levels feature green glazed tiles.

Lush Vegetation

lush vegetaion in hong'ensi forest park

Hong’ensi Forest Park boasts an impressive collection of flora, featuring more than 30,000 trees, including osmanthus, ginkgo biloba, and Chinese wisteria. The park is home to over 10,000 osmanthus trees, encompassing 60 varieties, primarily the golden osmanthus, silver osmanthus, red osmanthus, and year-round osmanthus, making it a national leader in osmanthus horticulture.

The park’s terrain is intelligently utilized for ecological purposes. The northwest slope features predominantly deciduous trees and a variety of colorful foliage, covering an area of 18.4 hectares, which constitutes 23% of the park’s total area. This area serves as a vital natural habitat for wildlife and plays a crucial role in preserving the park’s ecological balance.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Transportation Tips: For convenience, it’s recommended to enter the park through either the East 1 Gate or East 2 Gate. Entering from the West Gate or South Gate may involve climbing a steep slope.

Evening Illumination: During the summer season, the park’s illumination typically begins around 8:00 PM, while in winter, it starts around 7:30 PM. Visitors interested in experiencing the park’s nighttime ambiance should plan their visit accordingly.

Exploring Nearby Attractions: During the daytime, visitors can explore the Jiangbei Library located within the park. This library offers a unique and enriching experience for those interested in literature and culture.

Seasonal Attractions: In spring, the park boasts beautiful displays of red plum blossoms and magnolia flowers. These attractions are spread throughout the park, with the red plum blossoms mainly concentrated along the main pathways and near the Hong’en Pavilion. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the main pathways while admiring the blooming flowers.

Food Options: It’s important to note that there are no dining facilities inside the park. Visitors should plan to eat before entering or bring their own snacks and water. While there is a noodle restaurant near the park entrance, it’s essential to be aware of that the restaurant typically closes in the afternoon and reopens around 5:00 PM.

Attractions near Hong’ensi Forest Park

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