Hou’er Sinkhole, Kaiyang – Ticket, Opening Hours, and Location

hou'er sinkhole kaiyang

Located in Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province, the Hou’er Sinkhole (猴耳天坑) is a captivating natural wonder that seamlessly blends elements of sinkholes, cliffs, underground rivers, and cascading waterfalls. The site is a harmonious fusion of uniqueness, peril, mystery, and tranquility, with intricate cave systems, meandering underground rivers, and flowing waterfalls.

The sinkhole, aptly named “Monkey Ear” due to its shape resembling the ears of a monkey, boasts impressive dimensions. With a crater diameter of 300 meters, a depth of 280 meters, and a bottom diameter matching 280 meters, the sinkhole stands as a geographical marvel shaped by karst landform processes and the erosive forces of rainwater over millions of years. The original vegetation around the sinkhole is well-preserved, with numerous caves and underground rivers crisscrossing the area.

In terms of geological features, the sinkhole represents a karst funnel, a result of tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust. Over millions of years, the relentless erosion and transportation of rock layers by underground water systems have formed extensive underground cavities. The “Monkey Ear” sinkhole provides a mesmerizing glimpse into this geological marvel, surrounded by a vast bamboo forest that connects to the enchanting “One-Line Sky.”

Throughout the four seasons, the climate at Hou’er Sinkhole remains mild and welcoming, resembling springtime. The landscape is adorned with vibrant mountain flowers, and the air is filled with the harmonious melody of singing birds. This natural sanctuary exudes a sense of quietude, peace, and the magical hues of nature.

The scenic area of Hou’er Sinkhole not only captivates with its pristine natural beauty but also offers various outdoor activities, adding an element of thrill to the visitor experience. Activities such as the giant swing, cliff strolling, and vertical limit challenges provide an exhilarating adventure. Additionally, visitors can enjoy nighttime festivities featuring performances by the local ethnic group “Jiao Jiao Miao,” showcasing lion dances, reed pipe dances, circle dancing, and a bonfire party.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price28 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 18.00

Location and Transportation

Hou’er Sinkhole is situated in Shitou Village, Chengguan Town, Kaiyang County, Guizhou Province, within the geographical coordinates of approximately 106°59’56.5’’ to 107°00’16.6’’ east longitude and 27°04’57’’ to 27°05’27’’ north latitude. To get there from Guiyang, you can choose one of the following ways:

From Guiyang North Station (By High-Speed Train):

  • Purchase a ticket and take a high-speed train to Kaiyang Station from Guiyang North Station. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.
  • Upon arrival at Kaiyang Station, take a taxi for a 9-kilometer ride directly to the Hou’er Sinkhole Scenic Area.

From Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station (By Bus):

  • Purchase a bus ticket at Guiyang Jinyang Bus Station and travel to Kaiyang County Bus Station.
  • Transfer to a minibus from Kaiyang County Bus Station to Chengguan Town, passing by the Hou’er Sinkhole Scenic Area on the route.

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