Guiyang Forest Park – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

guiyang forest park

Guiyang Forest Park (贵阳森林公园), located in the Nanming District of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, is a sprawling natural oasis spanning fertile land for several kilometers, with a total area of 3900 acres, 90% of which is covered by lush forests. The park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including songbirds, owls, wild chickens, squirrels, pangolins, hedgehogs, deer, wild rabbits, yellow-throated martens, and wild boars.

Preserving a rich cultural history, the park features numerous cliffside inscriptions and over 20 stone-carved archways along its paths. The nearby area boasts historical sites such as the Guandi Temple, Jieguan Hall, and two pavilions named Jien and Keqi.

The park’s extensive network of trails winds through dense foliage, providing visitors with the enchanting experience of walking beneath towering trees that create a natural canopy. Playful macaques can be spotted frolicking in the forest. For leisure and relaxation, the park offers coffee shops, restaurants, and karaoke halls on the mountainside. In spring, the blooming acacia and purplewood trees fill the air with a sweet fragrance, making it an ideal destination for outings, picnics, and enjoying the serene beauty of nature.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hours a day throughout the year
Telephone Number0086-0851-85514343

Location and Transportation

Guiyang Forest Park is situated in the Nanming District of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China. The precise address is 67 Yuanlin Road. Remarkably close to the heart of Guiyang, the park is a mere 2.5 kilometers away from the city center. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 603 and get off at Forest Park Stop (森林公园站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Guiyang Forest Park is Fuyuan North Road (富源北路). After getting out of the station, you will be standing at the west entrance of the park.

Tuyun Pass in Guiyang Forest Park

Tuyun Pass, one of the Nine Gates, Four Pavilions, and Fourteen Passes of old Guiyang, holds a significant historical position at the northern entrance of the present-day Guiyang Forest Park. Initially constructed in the year 1201 during the reign of Emperor Ningzong in the Song Dynasty, it was originally named Tuning Pass. In the Ming Dynasty, it was renamed “Xintian Pass” due to its strategic importance in connecting to the newly added defense (modern-day Guiding). In the early Qing Dynasty, it underwent another name change to “Youzha Pass,” and during the reign of Daoguang (1821), it was finally named “Tuyun Pass.”

In October 1938, the Chinese Red Cross Rescue Corps moved from Changsha and Qiyang to Guiyang, making Tuyun Pass the central base for globally renowned institutions like the Chinese Medical and Health Center and the Military Medical Training Base. During this time, an international medical team from nine countries including Poland, Austria, the United States, and Czechoslovakia arrived at Guiyang’s Tuyun Pass Red Cross Rescue Corps, despite the challenging living conditions. They made significant contributions to China’s resistance against the Japanese invasion.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Guiyang erected the “International Aid to China Medical Team Memorial” and the “Takada Yoshimi Tomb of the British Female Doctor” in profound remembrance of these great internationalist warriors who had played a crucial role in China’s history.

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