How to travel from Xintiandi to Tianzifang

Xintiandi to Tianzifang

Xintiandi and Tianzifang are two areas well-known for their original local buildings and the culture of Shanghai, and both places are surrounded by fancy shopping malls and are close to the city center. But how far away are they from each other? And how can we travel from Xintiandi to Tianzifang?

Well, Tianzifang is only 1.5 miles (1.7 kilometers) away from Xintiandi as the cow flies, and there are a variety of ways to travel from one to another.

Bus: Take Bus No. 932 heading west at Huaihai Zhonglu Songshanlu Zhan (Huaihai Middle Road and Songshan Road Stop), get off at Lubanlu XujiahuiLu Zhan (Luban Road and Xujiahui Road Stop), walk about 560 meters to the west to reach the north entrance of Tianzifang. The whole journey takes about 35 minutes and costs 2 RMB.

Self-drive: Drive along Huangpo South Road, Taicang Road, Madang Road, Xujiahui Road, Ruijin Second Road, and Taikang Road to reach the south entrance of Tianzifang. The journey takes about 16 minutes, covers 1.92 miles (3.1 kilometers), and includes 12 traffic lights.

Walk: Walk along Huangpo South Road, Chongqing South Road, Xujiahui Road, and Taikang Road to reach Tianzifang. The journey takes about 35 minutes and covers 1.36 miles (2.2 kilometers).

Subway: Although there are subway stations near Xintiandi and Tianzifang. None of the lines runs through them, which means you have to make two or three transfers and spend more time on the road. Therefore, we do not recommend you take the subway to travel from Xintiandi to Tianzifang.

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