Tianzifang Metro – Which metro stop to go to Tianzifang

tianzifang metro station

Shanghai has a well-established metro system, which can bring you to almost anywhere you want to be. Tianzifang is no exception.

The nearest station to this place is called Dapuqiao or Dapu Bridge on subway line 9, which runs from Caolu, the east of the city, to Songjiang South Station, the southwest corner of the city. Unfortunately, there is no other famous tourist spot on this line.

If you get out of the station from exit 2 or 3, you will find yourself in a large shopping mall called Riyue Center, walk north through it, and when you exit from its north gate, you will find Tianzifang right across the road. But we do recommend you to get out the metro station from exit 1, where you can see Tianzifang the moment you ascend to the ground.

Apart from Dapuqiao, you can also get to Tianzifang from Shanxi Nanlu Station (Shanxi South Road Station) on metro line 10, which also goes to the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, and Hongqiao Airport. But it is a little far away from Tianzifang. Once you get out of the station, you still have to walk 1.05 miles (1.7 kilometers) to the south.

Unfortunately, Metro line 9 and 10 are basically paralleled to each other in the downtown, so there is no easy transfer.

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