Langzhong Ancient Town, Sichuan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

langzhong ancient town

Langzhong Ancient Town (阆中古城, Langzhong Ancient City) is situated in Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, on the northeastern edge of the Sichuan Basin along the middle reaches of the Jialing River. Human habitation in this area dates back to the Neolithic period. It served as a crucial military town in the ancient Ba and Shu states, earning titles such as the Cultural Center of Chinese Spring Festival and one of China’s Four Great Ancient Cities.

Covering a total area of 4.59 square kilometers, the architectural style of Langzhong Ancient Town reflects ancient Chinese principles of residence based on Feng Shui. The town’s layout radiates from the Zhongtian Tower, with a central axis and cross-shaped main streets forming a chessboard-like pattern. Streets and alleys align with distant mountains, and a variety of buildings blend southern and northern architectural styles, creating distinct clusters in shapes like the Chinese characters “品” and “多.” Langzhong Ancient Town stands as a typical example of ancient Chinese city planning, embodying the harmonious integration of nature and human design.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourA day
Ticket Price120 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.30 (1st May – 30th December)
9.00 – 18.00 (31st December – 30th April the next year)
Telephone Number0086-0817-6232778

Location and Transportation

Langzhong Ancient Town is situated in the northeastern part of Sichuan Province, China. Nestled on the banks of the Jialing River, it is located approximately 360 kilometers (224 miles) north of Chengdu, the provincial capital. The town is positioned in a picturesque region surrounded by rolling hills and fertile plains.

Langzhong Ancient Town is part of the broader Langzhong City, which covers an area of approximately 1,477 square kilometers (570 square miles). The city is characterized by its diverse topography, including mountains, rivers, and fertile agricultural land. The region enjoys a temperate climate, with hot summers and mild winters, making it suitable for year-round visits.

The most convenient way to get to the ancient town from Chengdu is by high-speed trains. After getting out of the railway station, you can either take bus No. 5 or 10 or take a taxi. The town is only 6 kilometers away, and it will not cost you much.

Timetable of the train

Train No.DepartureArrivalDurationPrice
C70410.3313.162 hours 43 minutes86 RMB
D76811.5314.222 hours 29 minutes86 RMB
C70818.0520.462 hours 41 minutes86 RMB

Highlights of Langzhong Ancient Town

Zhongtian tower

ancient architecture in langzhong ancient town

The Zhongtian Tower, also known as the Four-Row Tower, is one of the twelve towers in Langzhong, revered as the “Number One Feng Shui Tower.” Originally constructed during the Tang Dynasty, it was dismantled in the Republican era but later rebuilt on the same site in 2006, officially opened to the public just before the 2008 National Day. This three-story wooden tower, built in the Ming and Qing architectural styles, stands at 25 meters high with an open ground floor. The Zhongtian Tower serves as a Feng Shui coordinate and pivotal point in Langzhong Ancient Town, with the town’s streets radiating from it, connecting to various directions like the North Street, Double Palisade Street, West Street, and Wu Miao Street.

Huanhou Temple

zhangfei temple in langzhong ancient town

The Huanhou Temple, commonly known as Zhangfei Temple, or alternatively, the Xiongwei Temple during the Ming Dynasty, is a reconstructed ancient architectural complex from the Ming and Qing periods. Covering an area of over 5000 square meters, this expansive temple in Langzhong Ancient Town boasts exquisite craftsmanship in its courtyard-style structure. Comprising structures like the mountain gate, Tower of Defeating Ten Thousand, paired archways, east and west wing rooms, main hall, rear hall, memorial arch, and tomb mound, the temple stands as a magnificent testament to the Three Kingdoms culture.

Vibrant Folk Culture

riverside scenery in langzhong ancient town

Exploring Langzhong Ancient Town, one mustn’t miss the vibrant folk culture. The captivating “Da Qian Gun” (money-striking sticks), the straightforward and lively Flower Lantern Show, the festive Tai Ping Niu Deng (peaceful ox lantern), the diverse art of paper-cutting, and the distinctive Chuanbei shadow play. Renowned as a living fossil of traditional drama, Langzhong Nuo opera presents a rich cultural experience. Enjoy the soulful melodies of mountain songs and rhythmic “Da Hang Ge” tunes, savor the intriguing Sichuan opera storytelling in tea houses, and witness the essence of Langzhong’s folk traditions.

Examination Hall

confucius temple in langzhong ancient town

The Chuanbei Provincial Examination Hall, rebuilt during the Qing Jiaqing period, stands along Xuedao Street in Langzhong Ancient Town. Comprising structures like the mountain gate, corridors, examination halls, main halls, secondary halls, rear halls, and rooms for examinees, it includes a preserved scroll-shaped corridor, over 50 meters long, adorned with celestial chairs atop wooden railings. Two rows of examination rooms, separated by carved decorations, are among the few remaining in the country. Commonly known as the Qing Dynasty Examination Hall, it played a pivotal role in the imperial examination system, an essential method for selecting officials during feudal times. During the early Qing Dynasty, Langzhong served as the temporary capital of Sichuan for 17 years, hosting local-level examinations in this hall.

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Useful Tips from Genuine Reviews

Evening Boat Experience: In the evening, consider experiencing a boat or speedboat ride along the river, which offers a chance to enjoy the wonderful nighttime scenery along the river.

Night Views at Nanjing Pass Old Town: Nanjing Pass Old Town comes alive in the evening with an immersive performance that extends to the Jialing River. The atmosphere is lively, and the ticket price is 180 RMB.

Puppet Show Experience: Enjoy a puppet show for 50 RMB, lasting 30 minutes and featuring three acts. If you haven’t seen a puppet show before, this is a unique experience worth trying.

Culinary Recommendations – “Langzhong Three Specialties” (阆中三绝): Explore the local culinary delights, including the “Langzhong Three Specialties,” which is a dish made from three Langzhong specialties: Baoning vinegar, Langzhong flatbread, and Zhang Fei beef. This dish is known for its sour flavor.

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