Lihu Lake, Wuxi – A Natural Gift

Lihu Lake, Wuxi - A Natural Gift

Lihu Lake (蠡湖), also known as Wuli Lake, is a picturesque inner lake extending from Lake Tai into the city of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. It is located in the southwestern outskirts of Wuxi, approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. Resembling the shape of a gourd, the lake stretches for about 6 kilometers from east to west and varies in width from 0.3 to 1.8 kilometers, covering an area of 8.0 square kilometers. To the southeast, it is connected to Lake Tai via the Ten-Mile Changguang Creek.

Origin of Its Name

The Lihu Lake region is a natural gift, combining the beauty of Taihu Lake and the profound historical and cultural heritage of Wuxi. According to legend, over 2,500 years ago, Fan Li, a high-ranking official of the State of Yue, assisted King Goujian in defeating the State of Wu. After their successful endeavor, Fan Li chose to retire from public life and, along with the renowned beauty Xi Shi, settled by the shores of Lihu Lake. It was in this tranquil setting that Fan Li wrote the first-ever treatise on fish farming, titled “The Classic of Fish Breeding.” They spent their days leisurely boating on the lake, witnessing the enchanting scenery as the morning mist cleared to reveal distant mountains and the evening moon descended over the tranquil waters. To honor Fan Li’s contribution and commemorate their time by the lake, people began referring to this body of water as Lihu Lake.

Attractions around Lihu Lake

On the southern shore of Lihu Lake stands Baojie Mountain, also known as Zhushan. This area boasts the impressive Tang Dynasty City, Three Kingdoms City, and Water Margin City, which serve as sets for China Central Television’s film and television productions. The northern bank of the lake features Lihu Garden, Lihu Central Park, and the Asia City. Spanning the lake is the Baojie Bridge, a structure donated by the prominent Chinese industrialists Rong Zongjing and Rong Desheng. This bridge, over 300 meters in length, divides the eastern and western sections of Lihu Lake.

The eastern shore of Lihu Lake is home to the “Gaozi Shuiju” ruins, which served as the secluded study and residence of Gao Panlong, a member of the East Lin faction during the late Ming Dynasty. In the southeastern part of Lihu Lake, you’ll find the Changguang Creek Wetland Park, while to the southwest, you can explore one of the major attractions of the nationally renowned “Taihu Scenic Area,” Yuantouzhu Park.

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