Three Kingdom City, Wuxi – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

wuxi three kingdom city

Wuxi Three Kingdom City (无锡三国影视城), also known as CCTV Wuxi Film and Television Base, spans 35 hectares and was established in 1987. Nestled at the foot of the lush Junshan Mountain and along the picturesque shores of Taihu Lake, this expansive cultural and cinematic complex was built by China Central Television (CCTV) for the production of the 84-episode TV series “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” It has since become a massive immersive film and television production as well as a tourism hub.

Each year, Wuxi Three Kingdom City draws hundreds of production crews to film over 1,000 episodes of TV dramas and movies within its captivating settings. Furthermore, it annually welcomes over 3 million visitors who come to explore the secrets of filmmaking and enjoy the scenic surroundings. This unique destination seamlessly combines history, culture, and entertainment, making it a must-visit attraction for enthusiasts of both cinema and the Three Kingdoms era.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket Price90 RMB
Shuttle Bus40 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.30; Last admission: 17.00 (3rd August – 31st December)
8.30 – 16.30; Last admission: 16.00 (1st January – 2nd August)
Telephone Number0086-0510-85558297

Location and Transportation

Wuxi Three Kingdom City is located at the picturesque Taihu Lake in Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. To get there by public transportation, you can choose the following ways:

  1. For visitors arriving at Wuxi Railway Station (South Square), you can take Bus Route 82 from “Dongguangchang Public Transport Stop” to reach Wuxi Three Kingdom City.
  2. If you arrive at Wuxi Central Bus Station, you can head to “Public Transport Stop A Island” and take Bus Routes 1, 11, or 203, or go to “Public Transport Stop B Island” and take Bus Routes 30 or 77 to “Huochezhan (East)” (Railway Station East) and then transfer to Bus Route 82 to reach the destination.
  3. Visitors arriving at Wuxi Bus Terminal can take Bus Routes 60 or 712 from “Public Transport Stop C Island” to “Huochezhan (East)” (Railway Station East) and then transfer to Bus Route 82 to reach Wuxi Three Kingdom City.

Highlights of the Three Kingdoms City

Scenes from TV Series

scenes from tv series in wuxi three kingdom city

Wuxi Three Kingdom City boasts dozens of grand scenic spots meticulously crafted to mirror the events and settings from the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” TV series. These include the “Wu King’s Palace,” “Ganlu Temple,” “Cao Cao’s Camp,” “Wu Camp,” “Seven-Star Altar,” “Horse Racing Field,” and “Commander’s Platform,” encompassing a vast total area of 85,000 square meters. To enhance the visitor experience, additional attractions like the “Peach Garden,” “Nine Palaces Eight Trigrams Formation,” “Fire at the Red Cliffs,” “Special Effects Stage,” “Arena,” and the “Red Cliffs Ancient Trail” have been added over time. Visitors can immerse themselves in the Three Kingdoms era and imagine themselves as historical heroes in this captivating setting.

Various Performances

various performances in wuxi three kingdom city

From 8 AM to 4:45 PM, Wuxi Three Kingdom City offers a diverse array of performances that bring the TV series to life. Visitors can witness iconic moments such as the “Oath of the Peach Garden” from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Yang Zhi Selling Knives” from “Water Margin.” Additionally, continuous performances of bell concerts and musical acts throughout the day add to the immersive experience. These captivating shows transport guests back in time to the legendary stories and characters of ancient China, making a visit to Wuxi Three Kingdom City a truly enriching and entertaining journey through history.

Sun Shangxiang Restaurant

sun shangxiang restaurant in wuxi three kingdom city

The Sun Shangxiang Restaurant in Wuxi Three Kingdom City pays tribute to the historical figure, Princess Sun Shangxiang, who played a significant role in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” She was not only a princess of Eastern Wu but also married Liu Bei, the ruler of Shu, symbolizing an alliance between the two states. This restaurant offers an unparalleled lakeside view and serves delectable Jiangnan cuisine. In addition to local Wuxi specialties, it is renowned for its “Three Kingdoms Banquet,” making it a delightful dining destination where guests can savor both the food and the historical ambiance.

Vlog about THree Kingdoms City

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Ticket Recommendation: It is highly recommended to purchase a combined ticket for Three Kingdom City and Water Margin City, priced at 175 yuan. It is suggested to visit Three Kingdom City first and then proceed to Water Margin City.

Food Inside: The food inside is not recommended, so it’s advisable to bring your own snacks or meals.

Internal Transportation:

  • Electric tricycle: Available at 100 yuan for a 2-hour ride, suitable for three people.
  • Three Kingdom City yacht: Priced at 60 yuan for an approximately 8-minute ride.
  • Boat ride: For a round trip between Three Kingdom City and Water Margin City (after 11:35), the cost is 25 yuan for one way and 50 yuan for a round trip.

Highlight: “Three Heroes Battle with Lu Bu” Show: This is the most classic and distinctive performance included in the ticket price. It’s recommended to catch this show. The performance depicts the epic “Three Heroes Battle with Lu Bu.” Even if you are not familiar with the story, the skilled equestrian performances and exciting fights make it worthwhile. The show runs twice a day at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. It is located on the left side after entering Three Kingdom City. Try to secure a central viewing position for the best experience.

Children’s Play Area: There is a separate children’s play area with additional charges. It features small roller coasters, thrilling water rides, mazes, etc. However, it might not be considered highly professional and could be a bit of a letdown.

Weather Consideration: It is not recommended to visit on extremely hot days. The weather can be scorching, and the continuous exposure to the sun can be physically challenging.

Attractions near Three Kingdoms City

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