Nanhua Miao Village, Kaili – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

nanhua miao village

Nanhua Miao Village (南花苗寨) is nestled upstream of the Bala River, merely 13 kilometers away from Kaili City, making it the closest Miao village to Kaili. With traditional Miao stilted houses set against the backdrop of hills and rivers, accompanied by the presence of beautiful Miao girls and the melodious tunes of lusheng (reed-pipe wind instrument), Nanhua Miao Village offers a captivating experience of authentic Miao culture, attracting curious travelers seeking an immersive cultural exploration.

The women of Nanhua Miao Village are known for their distinctive attire, often adorned in long skirts, earning them the nickname “Changqun Miao” (Long Skirt Miao). The length of their pleated skirts can extend up to an impressive 80 centimeters. Another unique feature is the elaborate ox-horn-shaped silver jewelry worn during festivals, with some of the “Big Ox Horns” reaching lengths of around 1 meter.

The name “Nanhua” in the Miao language translates to “Nangl hjib,” with “hua” referring to the Ouhua River. “Nan” in Miao signifies “downstream of the river.” Thus, “Nanhua” signifies the Miao village residing downstream of the Ou River. The majority of residents in the village bear the surname Pan and trace their roots back to Miao ancestors who migrated along the Qing Shui River during the Ming Chenghua period, creating a history that spans over 500 years. Nanhua Miao Village stands as a living testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Miao people in the region.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours24 hour a day throughout the year

Location and Transportation

Nanhua Miao Village is situated in the town of Sankeshu, within the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province, China. Positioned alongside the picturesque Bala River, the village is part of the charming landscape of Kaili City, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Miao ethnic group in the region.

To reach Nanhua Miao Village, you can take a train from Guiyang to Kaili. Upon arriving at Kaili Passenger Station, board a bus bound for Leishan and alight at Nanhua, approximately a 30-minute journey. From there, a 5-minute walk, crossing the Fengyu Bridge, will lead you to the village. Alternatively, you can take bus route 13 from Kaili city center for 2 yuan to Sankeshu Town, then transfer to a minivan for 4 yuan to reach Nanhua Village.

Highlights of Nanhua Miao Village

Beautiful Scenery

beautiful scenery in nanhua miao village

Artisanal Stone Paved Roads: The village’s pathways are meticulously crafted with natural stones and cobblestones. Along these roads, flower walls made of interlocking stones showcase exquisite craftsmanship, eschewing cement mortar for stability, creating a visually stunning and durable landscape.

Riverside Setting: Positioned along the riverbank, the village presents a serene and picturesque atmosphere. With sandy beaches, lush greenery, and the soothing symphony of birds and water, Nanhua Miao Village feels like a Miao cultural retreat, harmoniously integrated with its natural surroundings.

Stilted Wooden Houses: The mountainside is adorned with charming wooden stilted houses, arranged in an artful and organized manner. These traditional Miao structures, with their distinctive architectural style, offer a captivating sight nestled amid the greenery on the mountainside.

Festive Celebrations

festive celebrations in nanhua miao village

Nanhua Miao Village hosts lively festivals, including the “Sister’s Festival” on the second day of the second lunar month, the “Zongba Festival” in May and June’s “New Rice Eating Festival.” During these festivities, villagers of all ages gather in the lusheng hall to dance and play the lusheng instrument. Young Miao women, adorned with silver jewelry and elegant attire, showcase their dancing prowess in groups. Young men proudly display their skills with beloved lusheng instruments and bamboo tubes. Visitors are warmly encouraged to join the exuberant lusheng dance, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere as people of all ages come together in celebration.

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