Sanxian Doupi – One of the favorite snacks for breakfast

sanxian doupi

Sanxian Doupi (三鲜豆皮), a famous snack in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is a staple of the city’s breakfast scene (“guozao” in local parlance). It is made by grinding a mixture of mung beans and rice, then spreading it thinly in a pan to form a delicate skin. This skin is then filled with cooked glutinous rice, diced meat, tofu, fresh eggs, mushrooms, beef, and other ingredients before being fried in oil.

Originally crafted as a festive delicacy for special occasions among locals, Sanxian Doupi later became a common breakfast item. Its golden and translucent appearance is visually appealing, while its thin and soft texture offers a delightful mouthfeel. The flavor is savory and delicious.

Authentic Sanxian Doupi adheres to specific criteria: the “bean” must be peeled mung beans, the “skin” must be finely crafted rice paste, and the filling must include locally sourced glutinous rice. The shape should be square and thin, while the color should be golden yellow.

In Wuhan, the most renowned establishment for Sanxian Doupi is “Lao Tongcheng (老通城).” This restaurant, founded in 1931 and located at the intersection of Zhongshan Avenue and Dazhi Road in Hankou, gained fame for its rendition of Sanxian Doupi, earning it the nickname “Doupi King.” Lao Tongcheng has a rich history and is celebrated for its expertise in crafting this beloved dish, attracting both locals and visitors alike with its authentic flavors and heritage.

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