Arhat Temple, Chongqing – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

arhat temple chongqing

Arhat Temple (罗汉寺), located in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing, has a rich history dating back to the Northern Song Dynasty during the period of Zheng Ping (1064-1067 AD). Originally known as the Zhengping Temple, it underwent significant restoration in 1885 under the guidance of Venerable Longfa, who constructed the Hall of Arhats, inspired by the Baoguang Temple in Xindu, housing 500 clay sculptures of Arhats. It was at this time that the temple adopted its current name, Arhat Temple.

This temple is renowned for its extensive collection of scriptures, cultural relics, and calligraphy and paintings. Among its treasures are rare editions of the “Qisha Tripitaka” and the “Pingga Tripitaka.” The temple’s scripture repository houses a vast collection of scriptures in Sanskrit and Tibetan, as well as ancient calligraphy and paintings, many of which are considered treasures from the Tang and Ming dynasties. Arhat Temple stands as a testament to Chongqing’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourAbout 2 hours
Ticket Price20 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086- 023-63814089

Location and Transportation

Arhat Temple is situated in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing, and the specific address is No.7, Luohan Temple Street, making it a prominent Buddhist site in the bustling city. Here’s how to get to Arhat Temple:

By Subway:

  • Take Line 1 or Line 6 and disembark at Xiaoshizi Station. Use Exit 6 for the most convenient access.
  • Alternatively, you can take Line 2 and alight at Linjiangmen Station, and use Exit 3.

By Bus:

  • Various bus routes provide access to Arhat Temple. You can take Bus No. 181, 346, 476, 0491, 0492, 651, or 881, and disembark at the Xiaoshizi Xiaoshangpin (Xiaoshizi Small Commodities) Station, which is in close proximity to the temple.

Highlights of Arhat Temple

Stone Carvings

stone carvings in arhat temple chongqing

Within Arhat Temple lies a remarkable ancient Buddha stone carving, stretching over 20 meters in length. This historical treasure houses more than 400 stone-carved Buddha statues dating back to the Song Dynasty. Among them are notable figures such as the reclining Nirvana Buddha (commonly known as the “Sleeping Buddha”), statues of Guanyin, and depictions of devotees. These stone carvings exhibit a style reminiscent of the renowned Baodingshan stone carvings in Dazu, showcasing exceptional artistry and cultural significance within the temple’s serene confines. These masterpieces provide a window into the rich history and artistic heritage of Arhat Temple in Chongqing.

Buddha Art Treasures

buddha art treasures in arhat temple chongqing

Arhat Temple’s Grand Hall houses a splendid collection of Buddhist art treasures. Among them are sixteen exquisitely crafted Arhat statues, representing the top disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. Additionally, there are Ming Dynasty bronze statues of the “Three Saints of the Western Pure Land,” as well as a precious Burmese jade statue depicting Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment. Visitors can also admire reproductions of Indian mural art, such as the “Shakyamuni Leaving the Palace to Lead an Ascetic Life.” These remarkable Buddha statues and art pieces within Arhat Temple provide a profound glimpse into Buddhist history and culture, making it a place of spiritual and artistic significance.

Arhat Statues

arhat statues in arhat temple chongqing

The Arhat Hall within Arhat Temple boasts a stunning ensemble of 524 life-like clay sculptures. Each statue is a unique masterpiece, exhibiting incredible diversity in appearance. Some are depicted as plump, while others appear slender; some wear joyful smiles, while others seem astounded. These sculptures can be found in various postures, whether sitting, standing, reclining, or leaning. Remarkably, even their clothing details, such as the folds and stripes, are meticulously and clearly defined. The sheer diversity, realism, and intricate detailing of these Arhat statues make them an awe-inspiring testament to the artistry and spiritual significance of Arhat Temple in Chongqing.

Video about Arhat Temple

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Avoidance of Fortune Tellers: Upon arrival at the temple, you may encounter fortune tellers trying to solicit clients. It’s recommended to ignore them completely. Even a glance may encourage them to persistently pursue you.

Candle and Incense Offerings: Entrance tickets usually include candles and incense for offerings. Alternatively, these items are also available for purchase inside the temple. To avoid the hassle of dealing with vendors at the entrance, you can collect these items after entering the temple grounds.

Wealth Deity Hall: The Wealth Deity Hall houses numerous wealth deities, a rare sight in temples across the country. With so many wealth deities offering protection, it’s no wonder that Arhat Temple is renowned for its efficacy in granting financial blessings.

Respectful Behavior Inside the Temple: Maintain a quiet and respectful demeanor while inside the temple. Refrain from making loud noises or engaging in disruptive behavior. It’s important to show reverence by refraining from taking photos of monks or Buddha statues, and avoid using flash photography, as it can be disruptive and disrespectful.

Attractions near Arhat Temple

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