St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Chongqing – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Chongqing

St. Joseph’s Cathedral (天主教若瑟堂), located on Minsheng Road in the central district of Chongqing, is a historic Catholic church with a rich legacy dating back to its establishment in 1893. Named after Saint Joseph, the church has become a significant religious and architectural landmark in the heart of Chongqing. The cathedral spans an area of 1,700 square meters, with the central nave covering approximately 500 square meters and accommodating over 1,000 worshipers.

The interior of St. Joseph’s Cathedral is a sanctuary of spiritual elegance. Two rows of grand columns support a cream-colored vaulted ceiling adorned with radiant chandeliers that cast a warm glow over the congregation. In the center, there are colorful sculptures depicting Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. The walls are adorned with fourteen oil paintings depicting the Stations of the Cross, capturing poignant moments of Jesus’ passion and crucifixion. An adjoining room houses vestments and sacred vessels, contributing to the overall aura of solemnity and reverence. The cathedral’s meticulous decor and graceful ambiance create an inviting space for worship and reflection.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral hosts three Mass services every Sunday, providing a spiritual sanctuary for the local Catholic community. During significant religious events and festivals, the cathedral sees an influx of over a thousand worshipers gathering to participate in the sacred Mass ceremonies.

In 1917, under the guidance of Father Meng Dong, a French priest, a distinctive addition was made to St. Joseph’s Cathedral – a spire adorned with a cross and a bell tower standing at 36 meters in height. The bell tower houses three suspended bells, along with a larger central bell that functions as a clock. Despite the challenges presented during the wartime period, where the cathedral’s nave suffered damage from Japanese airstrikes, the bell tower remained largely intact. In August 1946, post-war restoration efforts were initiated, breathing new life into the cathedral and preserving its historical significance.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral stands not only as a place of worship but also as a testament to the resilience of faith and the enduring spirit of the local Catholic community in Chongqing. With its captivating architecture and rich history, the cathedral continues to serve as a symbol of religious devotion and cultural heritage, drawing both worshipers and admirers alike to its hallowed halls.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour0.5 – 1 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-023-62848653

Location and transportation

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is situated at 1 Ruose Lane, Minsheng Road, in the Yuzhong District of Chongqing City. To get there, you can take bus 114, 401, 461, 462, 465, 466, 476, 0491, or 0492, get off at Chongqing Hotel Stop, and walk about 80 meters to the west.

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