Pengzu Garden, Xuzhou – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

pengzu garden xuzhou

Pengzu Garden (彭祖园) spans nearly 40 hectares with a construction area of 17,527 square meters and a water surface of 17,000 square meters. It stands as a tribute to Xu Zhou’s ancestor, Pengzu, offering a harmonious blend of natural and cultural landscapes. This expansive park primarily focuses on animal and botanical appreciation while combining leisure and sightseeing.

Comprising Pengzu Cultural Tourist Area, Bulaotan Scenic Area, Cherry Blossom Forest Scenic Area, Xuzhou Zoo, and Xuzhou Amusement Park, Pengzu Garden caters to diverse interests. Its northern region features Mount Fushan, while the southern area hosts Mount Shoushan. Despite their modest height, these mountains offer a serene environment, abundant with lush greenery. Local residents frequent the area for strolls, hikes, and kite flying. Meanwhile, the amusement park and zoo delight children, offering a paradise for fun-filled activities.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours7.00 – 18.00 (1st May – 30th September)
7.30 – 17.30 (1st October – 30th April)

Location and Transportation

Pengzu Garden is situated in the Quanshan District of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Located on No. 21, Taishan Road, the garden is positioned to the west of Yunlong Mountain, adjacent to the Martyrs’ Cemetery to the east, and overlooking the Quanshan Scenic Area to the south. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 53, 69, 82, 601, or 603 and get off at Pengyuan West Gate Stop (彭园西门站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Pengzu Garden is Central Hospital (中心医院) on line 2. After getting out of the station from Exit 1, walk about 250 meters to the west to reach the garden.

Highlights of Pengzu Garden

Dapeng Pavilion

dapeng pavilion in pengzu garden

Perched atop Shoushan Mountain in Pengzu Garden, the Dapeng Pavilion stands tall at 18 meters with a total floor area of 450 square meters. This grand classical structure comprises three layers supported by 32 red pillars, showcasing a unique architectural design. The roof, upheld by the massive pillars, gradually contracts from the bottom layer upward, resembling a pagoda. Surrounded by stone railings, visitors can enjoy panoramic views from the pavilion. Dapeng Pavilion is a magnificent sight with its white walls, red railings, clean windows, and vibrant murals, creating an opulent and regal atmosphere.

Pengzu Statue

pengzu statue in pengzu garden xuzhou

Crafted in 1985, the Pengzu Statue stands at an impressive height of 4.6 meters and weighs 20.4 tons, making it the tallest and most magnificent Pengzu stone sculpture in China. The statue depicts Pengzu draped in a large cloak, characterized by bold lines, loose structure, and a foundation integrated with a giant rock. The facial features exude wisdom and determination, with thick, long eyebrows, direct gaze, slightly prominent cheekbones, flowing beard, and a solemn and resolute expression. Adorned in Daoist attire, the statue encapsulates the robust qualities of ancient tribal leaders enduring hardships and striving for success, as well as the refined moral character of ancient philosophers.

Pengzu Shrine

pengzu shrine in pengzu garden xuzhou

Within Pengzu Shrine, the founder of the Great Peng Kingdom, the first centenarian in Chinese history, and the progenitor of the Peng lineage, Pengzu, is venerated. The shrine, standing at 11 meters with a building area of 218 square meters, boasts a striking appearance with white walls and blue tiles. In front of the shrine lies a spacious and well-kept altar spanning over 330 square meters, paved with high-quality bluestones. At the center of the altar is a large bronze incense burner shaped like a cauldron, enveloped in the continuous fragrance of incense as worshippers pay their respects.

Bulao Pond

bulao pond in pengzu garden

Located in the western part of Pengzu Garden, at the foot of Mount Fushan’s western slope, Bulao Pond stretches from the southern end near Qiaochun Garden (Plum Garden) to the north, extending beyond the spillway of Pengzu Garden. Covering an area of 70 acres, the pond is 40 meters wide from east to west, 400 meters long from south to north, with a water surface of 23 acres. Nestled amidst embracing green hills, Bulao Pond features a basin-shaped terrain with several mountain streams converging, resulting in clear and sparkling waters. Legend has it that Pengzu and his followers practiced cultivation by the lake, where they discovered a spring. Pengzu, unable to resist the temptation, cupped his hands, took a sip, and felt a refreshing sweetness, as if rejuvenated. It is said that drinking water from Bulao Pond can contribute to longevity, hence its name, “The Pond of Eternal Youth.”

Sino-Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest

Sino-Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest in pengzu garden

Situated in the northern part of Pengzu Garden, at the northern foot of Mount Fushan, the Sino-Japanese Friendship Cherry Blossom Forest covers an area of over 80 acres. It boasts more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees of various varieties. In 1993, Xu Zhou City and the Japanese city of Handa established an international sister city relationship. Following this, in March 1994, the mayors of both cities planted the first batch of cherry blossoms here. Since then, Pengzu Garden annually collects cherry blossom varieties from various places to enrich the forest, continuously expanding its size. To enhance the viewing experience, the garden has planted over 10,000 square meters of lawns, along with a variety of ornamental trees and flowering shrubs, creating a beautiful botanical landscape centered around cherry blossoms.

Xuzhou Zoo

xuzhou zoo in pengzu garden

Situated in the southern part of Pengzu Garden, Xuzhou Zoo spans approximately 110 acres, making it the largest zoo in the Huaihai Economic Zone. The topography of Xuzhou Zoo is characterized by a wide east-west expanse with a narrow northwest section. The central and western parts feature a man-made lake covering over 10 acres – Swan Lake. Around Swan Lake and throughout the zoo’s roadways, more than 30 distinct and stylistically diverse animal enclosures have been constructed. These enclosures are organized into six main sections based on animal categories: Carnivorous Animals Zone, Herbivorous Animals Zone, Aviary Zone, Swan Lake Zone, Reptile House, and Animal Performance Hall. Additionally, there are two specialized zones: Children’s Fun Park and Monkey Mountain. The zoo houses nearly a hundred species of various wildlife, totaling over a thousand individuals.

Xuzhou Amusement Park

xuzhou amusement park in pengzu garden

Located in the eastern part of Pengzu Garden, Xuzhou Amusement Park covers an area of 80 acres and boasts more than 40 sets of advanced large and medium-sized amusement rides. It is the earliest amusement park in the Huaihai Economic Zone. In 1987, the park independently raised funds to construct the city’s first 24-seat mini-train amusement ride. In 1990, with additional funding, the East City Amusement Park was established. Subsequently, Pengzu Garden invested over 20 million yuan, introducing a variety of large and medium-sized rides, including roller coasters, high-speed windmills, crazy magic disks, Ferris wheels, spinning cars, whitewater rafting, racing cars, and bumper cars. Xuzhou Amusement Park offers a thrilling and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages, contributing to the overall enjoyment of Pengzu Garden.

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