Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai – Ticket, Opening Hours, Highlights, and tips

rockbund art museum

The Rockbund Art Museum (外滩美术馆) is situated in the historic Bund Source Area, where the Huangpu River and Suzhou River converge in Shanghai. Housed in the 1932-built Asia Building, formerly home to the “Shanghai Museum,” the museum has become a prominent cultural venue. The building itself is a fusion of Eastern and Western architectural elements, showcasing an elegant and refined decorative art style.

The museum hosts a diverse range of exhibitions, featuring works by both Chinese and international artists. Visitors can explore abstract paintings, sculptures, and intricately designed installations. The Rockbund Art Museum regularly rotates its thematic exhibitions every few months, offering a dynamic showcase of different artistic expressions. Knowledgeable guides are available to provide detailed insights into the exhibited artworks.

Inside the museum, periodic thematic exhibitions are complemented by pieces displayed in the café area. The café boasts a charming ambiance, and its walls showcase selected artworks. Additionally, the outdoor terrace provides visitors with a panoramic view of the surrounding cityscape, offering a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and take a moment to relax.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 hours
Opening Hours10.00 – 18.00; Last admission: 17.30 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Closed on Monday
Ticket Price80 RMB
Telephone Number0086-021-33109985

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Location and Transportation

Rockbund Art Museum is situated on the famous Bund, a historic waterfront area on the west bank of the Huangpu River. The building itself is located at 20 Huqiu Road, near the intersection of Huqiu Road and Beijing Road. To get there, you can choose the following ways:


  • Take bus 37, 220, or 330, get off at Beijing East Road Sichuan Middle Road Stop (北京东路四川中路), and walk about 150 meters to the east to reach the museum.
  • Take bus 21 or 220, get off at Sichuan Middle Road Xianggang Road Stop (四川中路香港路), and walk about 100 meters to the south to reach the museum.


The nearest subway station to the Rockbund Art Museum is Nanjing Donglu (南京东路) on lines 2 and 10. After getting out from Exit 6, you need to first walk along the road to the north and then turn right at the first cross. The museum will be to your left-hand side after about 100 meters.

Highlights of Rockbund Art Museum


exhibitions in rockbund art museum

Rockbund Art Museum is known for its diverse and engaging exhibitions that showcase contemporary art from China and around the world. The museum presents a range of exhibitions throughout the year, including solo shows, group exhibitions, and thematic exhibitions that explore social, cultural, and political issues. Past exhibitions have included works by renowned artists such as Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei, and Yayoi Kusama. The museum also collaborates with other institutions and curators to organize innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions that push the boundaries of contemporary art.


architecture in rockbund art museum

The architecture of Rockbund Art Museum is a stunning blend of historic and contemporary design. The museum is housed in a restored Art Deco building that was originally built in 1932 as the headquarters of the Royal Asiatic Society. The building’s exterior features a mix of Art Deco and Neo-Classical styles, with intricate detailing and geometric shapes. The interior has been renovated to create a modern, open space that is well-suited for contemporary art exhibitions. The museum’s architects have carefully preserved the building’s original features, including its marble staircase, vaulted ceilings, and ornate molding, while also incorporating new elements such as skylights and glass walls to create a striking contrast between old and new.

Shop and Cafe

shop and cafe in rockbund art museum

The Rockbund Art Museum has a shop and cafe on-site, offering visitors a place to relax and unwind during their visit. The shop offers a range of art-related items, including books, prints, and gifts inspired by the museum’s exhibitions. Visitors can also find unique souvenirs and mementos that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Shanghai. The cafe serves a range of snacks and drinks, including coffee, tea, and pastries. The cafe’s contemporary design and comfortable seating create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors to enjoy a break and take in the museum’s stunning architecture.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Photo Spots Recommendation:

  • Long Corridor: Located on the outer side of the museum on the ground floor, offers excellent views especially during sunset.
  • Mirror Hall: Found on the second and third floors of the museum, providing views of both sides of the Huangpu River. Ideal for watching the sunset and admiring the night scenery.
  • Terrace: Accessible by going up to the fifth floor, features a restaurant and terrace where you can enjoy the night view of the Bund.
  • Stained Glass: Located near the restroom on the third floor, with the Oriental Pearl Tower visible from the back. The stained glass windows offer beautiful views.

Entry Restrictions and Storage: Remember that you are not allowed to bring water and food inside the museum. However, there are facilities at the entrance for bag storage. For larger items, you can use the storage facilities on B1. The museum also provides shared power banks for visitors’ convenience.

First Floor Facilities: The ground floor houses a shop selling cultural and creative products, a coffee area, and a reading lounge.

Outdoor Activities: Outside the museum, there is a plaza with numerous cultural and creative vendors. Additionally, at 7:30 PM, there are live band performances to enjoy.

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