Shanghai Himalayas Museum – Ticket, Location, and Opening Hours

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

The Shanghai Himalayas Museum (上海喜玛拉雅美术馆) is a renowned contemporary art museum located in Pudong, Shanghai, China. With its distinctive architecture and dedication to promoting cultural exchange, it has become a prominent institution in the city’s vibrant art scene. The museum was established in 2010 and spans over 16,000 square meters, providing ample space for a diverse range of exhibitions and artistic expressions.

The Shanghai Himalayas Museum showcases a wide array of contemporary art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, multimedia installations, and more. It serves as a platform for both established and emerging artists from China and around the world to exhibit their works, fostering dialogue and innovation within the art community.

In addition to its exhibition spaces, the museum also features educational programs, lectures, and workshops, engaging visitors of all ages in interactive learning experiences. Its commitment to cultural exchange extends beyond the walls of the museum, as it regularly collaborates with international institutions to bring diverse perspectives and artistic voices to Shanghai.

With its blend of architectural beauty, thought-provoking exhibitions, and commitment to artistic growth, the Shanghai Himalayas Museum continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a vibrant cultural experience in Shanghai.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours10.00 – 18.00; Last admission: 17.00
Closed on Mondays
Telephone Number0086-021-50339801

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Location and Transportation

The Shanghai Himalayas Museum is situated in a bustling area of Pudong, known for its modern skyline and vibrant cultural scene. The exact address is 4F, No. 1, 1188 Alley, Fangdian Road, Pudong New District Shanghai, China. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 1013 or Huamu 1 and get off at Fangdian Road Meihua Road Stop (芳甸路梅花路).

Metro: The nearest metro station to the Shanghai Himalayas Museum is Huamu Road (花木路) on line 7. After getting out of the station from Exit 3, walk about 50 meters to the south to reach the museum.

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