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shanghai museum

Shanghai Museum is a world-renowned museum located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai, China. Established in 1952, the museum has a collection of over 120,000 pieces of art and artifacts, including ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, calligraphy, paintings, jade, and furniture.

The museum has 11 galleries covering a total area of 39,200 square meters. The galleries are divided into several themes, including Ancient Chinese Bronze, Ancient Chinese Sculpture, Ancient Chinese Ceramics, Ancient Chinese Calligraphy, Ancient Chinese Painting, and Ancient Chinese Jade. In addition, there are galleries dedicated to Chinese minority cultures, coins, and seals.

The museum’s architectural design is also noteworthy. Its exterior features a circular shape, symbolizing the ancient Chinese belief that the sky is round and the earth is square. The interior design incorporates traditional Chinese architecture, with high ceilings and a central courtyard surrounded by galleries.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tourover 3 hours
Ticket PriceFree; But the maximum number of visitors per day is 8000, and you need your passport for entry
Opening Hours9.00 – 17.00; Last entry: 16.00 (10th January – 25th December)
10.00 – 16.00; Last entry: 15.00 (27th December – 2nd January the next year)
Closed on Mondays except for national holidays
Sometimes, some specific popular exhibitions are also open to the public in the evening. You need to check the website for relevant information.
Telephone Number0086-021-63723500

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Location and Transportation

The Shanghai Museum is situated in the People’s Square in the heart of Shanghai, which is a large public space in the city center that is surrounded by several important landmarks and attractions. The specific address is 201 Renmin Avenue, Renmin GuangChang, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200003.

Take bus No. 51 or 112, get off at Renmin Guangchang (Wushenglu) Stop, and you will be right at the entrance of Shanghai museum.
Take bus No. 108, 167, 312, 318, 454, 537, 930, or 980, get off at Renmin Guangchang (Guangdonglu) Stop, and walk about 100 meters to the southwest to reach the entrance.

Take subway line 1 or 14, get off at Renmin Guangchang Station (人民广场站), get out of the station from exit 2, and walk about 400 meters to the southwest to reach the entrance.
Take subway line 1, get off at Yidahuizhi Huangponanlu Statioin (一大会址·黄陂南路站), get out of the station from exit 5, and walk about 300 meters to the northeast to reach the entrance.

Selfdrive: there are two parking lots at the entrance of the museum. So, it it pretty convenient to drive yourself there.

Highlights of Shanghai Museum

Ancient Bronze Collection

ancient bronze collection in the shanghai museum

The Ancient Bronze Collection at the Shanghai Museum is one of the museum’s most impressive and extensive collections, featuring over 400 pieces of ancient Chinese bronzes dating back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600 to 221 BEC). It includes a wide variety of bronze artifacts, such as ritual vessels, weapons, musical instruments, and decorative objects, which were important symbols of wealth and power in ancient Chinese society. Many of the pieces in the collection are decorated with intricate patterns and designs, showcasing the advanced techniques and aesthetics of ancient Chinese bronze craftsmen.

Chinese Painting Collection

chinese painting collection at shanghai museum

The Chinese Painting Collection at the Shanghai Museum is an extensive collection of traditional Chinese paintings dating back to the Tang dynasty. It includes over 14,000 works of art, featuring landscape paintings, portraits, and calligraphy by famous Chinese artists throughout history. The paintings showcase the development of Chinese painting styles and techniques, including the use of ink and brush, as well as different painting styles influenced by various historical periods and regions. Visitors can appreciate the subtle and sophisticated beauty of the art, and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese art history and culture.

Jade Collection

jade collection at shanghai museum

The Jade Collection at the Shanghai Museum is a remarkable exhibit of over 400 jade artifacts, ranging from Neolithic times to the Qing dynasty. Jade was highly prized in ancient China and was considered a symbol of power and authority. The collection includes a variety of jade objects, such as ritual vessels, jewelry, and decorative objects, with intricate designs and delicate carving techniques. Visitors can appreciate the beauty and sophistication of jade art and its role in Chinese history and culture.

Calligraphy Collection

 Calligraphy Collection at the Shanghai Museum

The Calligraphy Collection at the Shanghai Museum is one of the largest and most impressive collections of Chinese calligraphy in the world. It features over 10,000 pieces of calligraphy dating back to the Han dynasty, including works by some of the most famous calligraphers in Chinese history. Calligraphy is a highly respected art form in China, and the collection showcases the development of different calligraphic styles and techniques throughout the centuries.

Furniture Collection

furniture collection in the shanghai museum

The furniture collection at the Shanghai Museum showcases a stunning array of Chinese furniture spanning several dynasties. It includes rare and exquisite pieces that display the artistry and craftsmanship of Chinese furniture makers. Visitors can view beautifully crafted chairs, tables, cabinets, and other items made from materials such as rosewood, elm, and bamboo. Many of the pieces feature intricate carvings and ornate designs, and some even incorporate elements of Chinese culture and mythology. The collection is well-curated, and visitors can gain insight into the history and development of Chinese furniture-making through the ages.

Ancient Ceramics Collection

ancient ceramics collection at the Shanghai Museum

The ancient ceramics collection at the Shanghai Museum is a magnificent display of Chinese pottery and porcelain from various dynasties throughout history. It includes rare and valuable pieces such as vases, bowls, plates, and figurines, all of which demonstrate Chinese ceramicists’ remarkable skill and creativity. Many of the pieces feature intricate designs and patterns, and some even incorporate Chinese mythology and folklore elements. Visitors can learn about the techniques and methods used to create these beautiful ceramics and the historical and cultural significance of different styles and forms.

Minority Nationalities Arts Collection

 Minority Nationalities Arts Collection

The Minority Nationalities Arts Collection at the Shanghai Museum is a unique and fascinating exhibition of art and artifacts from China’s ethnic minority groups. It includes a diverse range of items, such as clothing, textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts, that showcase the distinctive cultures and traditions of these communities. Visitors can explore the rich history and unique identities of these minority groups through the collection’s varied exhibits, which include Mongolian saddles, Tibetan prayer flags, Miao embroidery, and much more. The collection is thoughtfully curated and offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked diversity and complexity of China’s cultural landscape.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Choose a Guide: Upon entering, you’ll find smart guides available on both the left and right sides, offered by different companies. The left side charges 30 yuan, while the right side charges 20 yuan. Consider your preferences and budget before selecting one.

Baggage Storage: The baggage storage area is located opposite the visitor center. They will provide you with a numbered tag, and you can retrieve your belongings before 5:00 PM.

Arrive Early to Beat the Crowds: Expect large crowds at the museum. It’s best to arrive at least half an hour early to queue up. This ensures that you’ll be among the first to enter when your chosen time slot begins, minimizing waiting time.

Prepare for Ticket Queues: The ticket queue at the entrance typically takes around 20 minutes. This area lacks shade, so consider bringing an umbrella for sun protection. If it rains, the umbrella will also come in handy.

Facilities for Parents and Children: There is a mother and baby room located near the first-floor restroom, and a water dispenser is available near the second-floor restroom.

Bring Snacks and Water: It’s advisable to bring some snacks for convenience, as you may spend several hours exploring the museum. Each floor has seating areas where you can rest, so take breaks as needed and replenish your energy.

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