Shanghai Postal Museum – Ticket, Opening Hours, Highlights, and Tips

shanghai postal museum

The Shanghai Postal Museum (上海邮政博物馆), originally known as the Shanghai Postal Headquarters, stands as one of the birthplaces of modern Chinese postal services. Situated on the Suzhou River bank, north of the Sichuan Road Bridge, the museum is housed within the Shanghai Postal Headquarters building.

Built in 1924, the architectural style of the Postal Headquarters is reminiscent of Roman design. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by Romanesque columns, a spiral staircase, and elegant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, all showcasing a European architectural influence. The building, shaped like a “U,” features exhibits on the ground floor, including a display of Qing Dynasty postal carriages, the first postal delivery vehicle from 1917, the inaugural aircraft for regular airmail routes, and a mobile postal train carriage, providing a glimpse into the scenes of the Qing Dynasty postal bureau.

The second floor houses a spacious postal hall with four exhibition rooms narrating the global history of postal development. Here, visitors can explore a variety of uniquely shaped vintage mailboxes and letterboxes. The Treasure Gallery showcases rare postage stamps, such as the “Black Penny,” the “Large Dragon Stamp,” and the “Green Dress Red Bride,” among other philatelic treasures. Children can engage in interactive activities, simulating letter writing and experiencing the feeling of delivering mail in an old-fashioned postal setting.

The building’s fifth floor features a rooftop garden with a Baroque-style clock tower at the southeast corner. From the observation platform, visitors can enjoy scenic views of the Suzhou River and the beautiful landscapes along the banks of the Huangpu River. The Shanghai Postal Museum offers a unique blend of history and interactivity, providing a fascinating journey through the evolution of postal services in China and beyond.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourAbout 2 hours
Opening Hours9.00 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
Ticket PriceFree
Telephone Number0086-021-63936666-1280

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Location and Tranportation

The Shanghai Postal Museum is located at 395 Tiantong Rd, Luxun Park, Hongkou District, Shanghai, near the intersection with Sichuan North Road. Visitors can easily access the museum by taking public transportation, such as the metro or bus, or by using a taxi or ride-hailing app.

Bus: Take bus 19, 37, 65, 305, or 330, get off at Tiantonglu Sichuan Beilu Stop (天潼路四川北路), and walk about 50 meters to the west to reach the museum.

Subway: Take subway line 10 or 12, get off at Tiantonglu Station (天潼路), and walk about 300 meters to the east to reach the museum.

Highlights of Shanghai Postal Museum

Historical Building

historical building of shanghai postal museum

The Shanghai Postal Museum is located in a historic building that was constructed in 1924 and served as the headquarters of the Shanghai Post Office. The building’s architectural style is a blend of traditional Chinese and Western design, with a grand neoclassical façade and intricate Chinese motifs on the interior. It was designed by British architect, Sir George Gilbert Scott Jr. and is a significant landmark in Shanghai’s history, as it played an important role in the development of the postal service in China.

Stamp Collection

stamp collection in shanghai postal museum

The stamp collection is one of the highlights of the Shanghai Postal Museum. It features rare and valuable stamps from around the world, including some of the earliest Chinese stamps ever issued. The museum’s stamp collection is organized chronologically, with exhibits that showcase the development of stamp design and production techniques throughout history. Visitors can admire the intricate designs and learn about the stories behind each stamp, including their historical and cultural significance. Some of the notable stamps in the collection include the Chinese “Large Dragon” stamp, which is one of the most valuable stamps in the world, and a collection of stamps featuring the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius.

Postal History Exhibits

postal history exhibits in shanghai postal museum

The Shanghai Postal Museum features a variety of exhibits that showcase the rich history of the postal service in China. They cover a broad range of topics, from ancient communication methods to modern postal technology. Visitors can learn about the evolution of postal routes and delivery methods in China, as well as the development of communication tools like telegraphs and telephones. The museum also has exhibits that focus on the design and production of stamps, as well as the important role that stamps played in shaping the cultural and historical landscape of China.

Postal Technology

postal technology in shanghai postal museum

The Shanghai Postal Museum showcases the latest postal technology and how it is used in modern times. Visitors can learn about the advanced sorting and delivery processes used in the postal service today, including high-speed sorting machines and automated package tracking systems. The museum also features exhibits that demonstrate how technology has transformed the way we communicate, including interactive displays that allow visitors to send and receive virtual messages. Additionally, the museum has displays of various postal vehicles used for mail delivery, such as postal trucks and bicycles.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Check Opening Hours: Ensure you visit during the museum’s regular opening hours. If you encounter a closed door during normal hours, don’t panic. Sometimes, it’s not that the museum is closed but rather that visitors should enter through a different entrance. If you plan to visit on Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday, use the entrance at 250 North Suzhou Road. For Sunday visits, use the entrance at 395 Tiantong Road.

Weekend Access to First Floor: If you visit on Wednesday or Thursday, be aware that the first floor may not be accessible. The first floor is typically only open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo Opportunities: The atrium on the first floor of the museum provides an excellent backdrop for photography. You’ll find great spots for pictures, and from the entrance, you can even catch views of the Bund and Lujiazui skyscrapers.

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