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tiankeng zhaizi

Nestled in the picturesque Wulong District in Chongqing, Tiankeng Zhaizi Scenic Area (天坑寨子风景区) is a place of breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. What sets this destination apart are the two remarkable sinkholes – Middle and Lower Shi Yuan Tiankeng – inhabited by over 50 families of Tujia and Miao indigenous people. Tiankeng Zhaizi is not just a haven for captivating landscapes but also a hub for intangible cultural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking to explore the cultural and natural wonders of Wulong.

As you meander along the circular wooden walkways, your senses will be delighted by the pristine beauty of lush greenery, rolling hills, and the serene presence of the indigenous minority groups. The Tujia and Miao residents have built their homes in perfect harmony with the environment, constructing stilted houses that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. They use granaries and racks to store clothing and food, ensuring protection from fires and wildlife. Skilled hands in the village are adept at weaving fabrics and crafting clothing that is not only imbued with ethnic characteristics but also provides warmth during the cold winters.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price85 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30; Last admission: 16.30
Telephone Number0086-023-81121999

Location and Transportation

Tiankeng Zhaizi Scenic Area is situated in the charming village of Mingxing, located in the Xianv Mountain Town of Wulong District, Chongqing, China. To get to Tiankeng Zhaizi Scenic Area from Chongqing, you can follow these steps:

From Chongqing to Xianv Mountain Town Tourist Center:

By Train:

  1. Take a train from Chongqing North Station to Wulong County Station (approximately 2.5 hours).
  2. From Wulong County Station, you can reach Wulong Bus Station by either taking a 5-minute taxi ride or a 15-minute walk.
  3. Finally, take a bus from Wulong Bus Station to Xianv Mountain Town Tourist Center (costs around 9 RMB per person and takes about 30 minutes).

By Bus:

  1. Start from the Nanping Sigongli Bus Station in Chongqing (重庆南坪四公里车站).
  2. Take a bus from Nanping Sigongli Bus Station to Wulong Bus Station (approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, with a cost of 60 RMB per person).
  3. From Wulong Bus Station, take a bus to Xianv Mountain Town Tourist Center (costs around 9 RMB per person and takes about 30 minutes).

From Xianv Mountain Town Tourist Center to Tiankeng Zhaizi:

  • Purchase your entrance ticket at the tourist center.
  • On the basement level of the tourist center, board the scenic area shuttle directly to Tiankeng Zhaizi Scenic Area (you can return using the same shuttle service).

Highlights of Tiankeng Zhaizi

Terraced Fields

terraced fields in tiankeng zhaizi

Tiankeng Zhaizi enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. The terraced fields in the village are a sight to behold in every season. In spring, mist blankets the terraces, creating a tranquil and soothing atmosphere. Summer sees the fields bursting with vibrant green, teeming with life. Autumn brings the golden hues of ripe grain, and the landscape comes alive with a bountiful harvest. In winter, a blanket of snow covers the terraced fields, forming a unique and enchanting winter wonderland. The best time to visit is during the months of June to September when the weather is most favorable for tourists.

Heart-Shaped Tiankeng

heart-shaped tiankeng in tiankeng zhaizi

One of the main attractions of Tiankeng Zhaizi is the Heart-Shaped Tiankeng. With a diameter of 645 meters, it is the largest sinkhole entrance ever discovered in the world. Its distinctive heart-shaped outline has earned it the nickname “Heart of the Earth.” The Tiankeng slopes gently southeastward, with slopes adorned by fir trees and evergreen oaks. The bottom of the sinkhole features farmlands and settlements, surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky terrain. Walking through this profound Tiankeng, you’ll be surrounded by the songs of birds, the scent of flowers, and a poetic rural setting that is nothing short of a hidden paradise.

Traditions of Indigenous People

traditions of indigenous people in tiankeng zhaizi

In Tiankeng Zhaizi, the Tujia and Miao indigenous people proudly uphold and pass down their ancient traditions. They continue to practice millennia-old customs in spinning, weaving, and agriculture. Traditional ethnic dances and ancient mountain songs are performed regularly. The unique stilted houses they live in showcase architectural marvels that are an essential part of the local intangible cultural heritage. You can also witness welcoming flower-drum performances, mesmerizing erhu (a traditional Chinese instrument) recitals, and astonishing displays of skill, such as the “Knife Dancer” who walks barefoot on an 18-meter-long blade and the “Little Li Fei Dao” who juggles knives while beating the Tujia Three Sticks Drum. Additionally, there are performances like “Walking on Fire,” “Balancing on Poles,” and “the Bamboo Unite Dance” – all part of the mysterious and captivating witchcraft culture of the region.

Pastoral Life of Miao and Tujia People

pastoral life of miao and tujia people in tiankeng zhaizi

Visiting Tiankeng Zhaizi is not just about experiencing traditional performances but also immersing yourself in the pastoral life of the Miao and Tujia people. These indigenous inhabitants lead a simple, yet fulfilling life, where they “work from sunrise to sunset, drink from their wells, and eat from their fields.” This traditional way of life offers a profound connection to nature and the land, allowing urban visitors to experience a genuine return to nature.

When you visit Tiankeng Zhaizi, you can engage in various aspects of authentic farming culture. You can take part in farming activities such as plowing, planting rice seedlings, sowing seeds, catching mudfish, harvesting rice, and even participate in traditional oil extraction at the village’s oil mills. During the harvest season, you can celebrate the joy of a bountiful harvest with the local villagers, sing Miao songs, dance Miao dances, learn Miao crafts, and compete in traditional Miao games – all in the spirit of the Miao Festival.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Cultural Performances: The day typically starts with performances by the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups, starting around 9:00 AM.

Guided Tours and Shopping: Visitors may encounter guided tours upon entering the park. It’s noted that some guides might focus excessively on portraying their hardships and difficulties in life, potentially as a setup for later shopping opportunities. It’s advised to be cautious and avoid feeling pressured to make purchases.

Comparison with Other Attractions: Compared to other popular destinations like Three Natrual Bridges and Longshuixia Gap, Tiankeng Zhaizi tends to have fewer tourists. However, facilities and amenities may also be less developed in comparison.

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