What to do with 9 hours layover during transit in Beijign Daxing Airport?

What to do with 9 hours layover in Beij

With a 9-hour layover at Beijing Daxing Airport, you have the perfect opportunity to explore some of Beijing’s iconic attractions, indulge in local cuisine, and experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Here’s a suggested itinerary for making the most of your time:

First Stop: Temple of Heaven (1 hour subway ride + 2 hours exploration)

Upon arrival, take the airport express subway and transfer at Caoqiao Station to Line 10, then transfer at Songjiazhuang Station to Line 5, and alight at the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven. The subway fare from the airport is 35 RMB for regular seats and 50 RMB for business seats. Spend a couple of hours exploring the Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its architectural beauty and historical significance.

Second Stop: Try Lu Zhu Huo Shao (Braised Pork and Fire Roasted Bun)

While planning to try Nanmen Shuanrou (South Gate Hot Pot), the long queue may discourag you (1 hour wait). Instead, find a local eatery near the Temple of Heaven to enjoy Lu Zhu Huo Shao, a classic Beijing snack consisting of braised pork and fire-roasted buns. Don’t forget to also sample some fried sausage, another popular local delicacy (Must-Try Food in Beijing).

Third Stop: Tiananmen Square Night View (30 minutes bus ride + 1.5 hours exploration)

Tiananmen Square requires prior reservation. Security checks are extensive and entry may take some time. Ensure you have your identification documents with you. If you didn’t make a reservation, you can still enjoy the night view of Tiananmen Square by taking a shared bike or bus. Admire the majestic surroundings and soak in the historical significance of this iconic landmark.

Return Journey: Tiananmen Square to Beijing Daxing Airport (1 hour subway ride + 0.5 hours stop at Longyan Tea House)

Head back to the airport from Tiananmen Square. En route, you may stop at Longyan Tea House to purchase and enjoy some local tea as a souvenir or refreshment. The subway ride back to the airport will take about an hour.

With this itinerary, you’ll have a chance to experience the essence of Beijing, from its ancient cultural heritage to its bustling modern atmosphere, all within the span of your layover at Beijing Daxing Airport. Enjoy your brief visit to the capital city of China!

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