Instant Boiled Mutton – What it is, How to eat, and Famous restaurants

instant boiled mutton

Instant boiled mutton, also known as Mongolia Hotpot or Beijing Mutton Hotpot, is a kind of dish where guests put sliced mutton in a boiling pot, wait for a certain time (ranging from seconds to minutes), and then dip it into a specially-made sauce to enjoy.


the copper hotpot in beijing

It differentiates from other styles of hotpots in several aspects. Firstly, the pot is typically made of copper, allowing better heat conduction so that the water can boil faster. Secondly, it stuffs charcoal in the pot to provide constant heat, which is a brilliant idea. Several hundreds of years ago, when this dish was mainly served in the winter, this method could significantly prolong the feast and make sure every guest was satisfied. Thirdly, there is a chimney on the pot. You can open or close the lid at its top to adjust the heat and control the process of dinner. And lastly, the soup it uses is pure water with green onions and gingers so that the flavor of the fresh mutton will not be spoiled.

How to enjoy

how to enjoy instant boiled mutton

The first step is to make your order. Apart from various mutton, most people also order vermicelli (fensi), Chinese cabbage (baicai), and frozen tofu. These foods would absorb the flavor of the soup and become much more delicious.

Then, you can customize your sauce. The basic and traditional one is a combination of sesame sauce and peanut butter. You can add ingredients like fermented bean curd, leek, coriander, or chilly to it. Some restaurants have a sauce bar in the hall for you to operate, while others would serve these ingredients on your table.

Finally, when the water boils, the feast begins. You should first boil the mutton to enrich the flavor of the soup and then the various vegetables. Dip the sliced mutton into the soup for about 15 seconds. As long as its color changes, it is ready. Do not overcook it. Otherwise, the meat will lose its juice and become very hard to chew.

Famous restaurants

After considering the locations, services, and ratings in an App specializing in customers’ reviews, we recommend you the following restaurants, hoping they can bring you a wonderful dining experience.

1. Donglaishun Fanzhuang (东来顺饭庄; Donglaishun Restaurant)

Donglaishun Restaurant

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 from 645 customers

Feature: the most historical restaurant that majors in instant boiled mutton in Beijing

Address: 32 Qianmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Opposite the Forbidden City and behind the Tiananmen Square.

Average cost per person: 170 RMB

2. Nanmen Shuanrou (南门涮肉; South Gate Instant Boiled Mutton)

South Gate Instant Boiled Mutton

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 from 11802 customers

Feature: each guest has his or her own pot rather than sharing it with others

Address: Third floor in News Plaza, 26 Jianguomen Inner Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

About 2 kilometers east of the Forbidden City.

Average cost per person: 129 RMB

3. Xiyuanju Shuanrou (玺源居涮肉; Xiyuanju Instant Boiled Mutton)

Xiyuanju Instant Boiled Mutton

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 from 5556 customers

Feature: Sophisticated glazed pot. Recommended by Michelin Guide

Address: Third floor in W6 Building, Beijing Fang, Qianmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Opposite the Forbidden City and behind the Tiananmen Square.

Average cost per person: 286 RMB

4. Yangfang Shengli Shuanyangrou (阳坊胜利涮羊肉; Yangfang Shengli Instant Boiled Mutton)

Yangfang Shengli Instant Boiled Mutton

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 from 1605 customers

Feature: A big chain restaurant. Muttons are served in the shape of flowers

Address: 32A on the fifth floor in Kaide Mall, Xicheng District, Beijing

Near Beijing Zoo, about 4 kilometers to the northwest of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 129 RMB

5. Jubaoyuan (聚宝源)


Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 from 38271 customers

Feature: Islamic restaurant, fresh mutton

Address: 5-2 Niu Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

About 3 kilometers from the Temple of Heaven

Average cost per person: 122 RMB

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