Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park – Ticket, Opening Hours, Highlights, and TIps

xi'an international horticultural exhibition park

Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park (西安世博园), spanning a vast 418 hectares, is a captivating leisure destination situated at the former site of the Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition held in 2011. This sprawling park offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse world of horticultural artistry and explore precious plant species and ecological landscapes from various regions and climates across the globe. Notably, the park’s innovative architectural designs have also earned it recognition as a popular location for wedding photography.

The park boasts several iconic structures and attractions, including Chang’an Tower, the Creative Pavilion, and the Natural Pavilion, while its thematic horticultural areas are Chang’an Valley, Colorful Zhongnan, Silk Road Rain of Flowers, Overseas Grand View, and Rainbow Over Bashang.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourApproximately 3 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening HoursThe park is open 24 hours a day
The galleries are open from 9.30 – 17.30; Last admission: 17.00

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Location and Transportation

Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park is situated in the Chan-Ba Ecological District, about 10 kilometers northeast of the city center, and can be easily accessed by public transportation or private vehicles.

The park is near the Qinling Mountains and the Wei River, providing a picturesque backdrop for visitors. It is also adjacent to the Xi’an Chan-Ba National Wetland Park, which is home to a variety of plants and animals and offers opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and other outdoor activities.


  • Take bus 47, 246, 262, or 297, get off at Guangyuntan Stop (广运潭), and you will be standing at the north gate of the park.
  • Take bus 47, 195, 233, 255, or 262, get off at Shiboyuan Jinxiumen (Xi’an Expo. Park Jinxiu Gate, 世博园锦绣门), walk about 50 meters to the east to reach the entrance.


  • Take subway line 3, get off at Xianghuwan (香湖湾) and walk about 50 meters to the north to reach the entrance.

Highlights of Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park

Chang’an Flower Valley

flower valley in xi'an international horticultural exhibition park

Flower Valley is one of the most popular attractions at Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park. Covering an area of 54 hectares, it is the largest floral display in the park, featuring over 4 million flowers of various species and colors. Visitors can stroll along the winding paths and enjoy the colorful scenery of the flower beds, which change throughout the year. The valley is divided into different sections, each showcasing a different theme, such as peonies, roses, tulips, and more. The valley also features a large artificial lake, where visitors can rent paddle boats and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Natural Pavilion

the garden of the four seasons in xi'an international horticultural exhibition park

Located on the shores of Jinxiu Lake within Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park, the Natural Pavilion encompasses a total construction area of 5,316 square meters. The Natural Pavilion focuses on displaying various types of plants and their ecological landscapes, as well as representative plant landscapes from different climatic zones. The facade of the Natural Pavilion is constructed primarily with glass, wood, and a minimal amount of concrete.

The exhibition hall is divided into two levels: the first level features exhibits of tropical rainforest plants and specialty plants, while the second level is dedicated to desert plants and rare plant exhibits. This pavilion offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore diverse ecosystems and plant life from around the world, making it a vital educational and aesthetic component of Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park.

Treasure Museum

the garden of peace and harmoney in xi'an international horticultural exhibition park

The Treasure Museum is situated along the main axis of Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park and features a “王” (Wang) shaped architectural layout comprised of three irregular geometric wings. This museum, adorned with various finishes such as bronze, stone, and garden-style landscaping on the roof, creates a rich and artful visual effect due to the irregularly interconnected elements. The museum primarily showcases over 2,900 items from seven major categories, including ancient biological fossils, mineral crystals, gemstones, late Qing Dynasty jade, Hongshan Culture jade, calligraphy and paintings by famous figures, and other precious artifacts.

The Chang’an Tower

the flower basket tower in xi'an international horticultural exhibition

Chang’an Tower stands as the iconic architectural centerpiece of Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park. Designed by the esteemed academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Jinqiu, this tower is perched atop Little Zhongnan Mountain within the park. With a height of 99 meters, it is constructed using a combination of steel and glass components. The tower consists of seven above-ground levels and six subterranean levels, with an additional basement level.

The exterior of Chang’an Tower bears the distinctive characteristics of traditional Tang Dynasty wooden pagodas, featuring layered eaves with upper and lower layers demarcated by brackets. The dimensions of each tier of eaves are wide and rising, reflecting the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty, which was known for its deep eaves. The space between the eaves and the tops of the columns is adorned with metal components, abstractly summarizing the traditional architectural bracket system. The glass curtain wall is set back within the outer groove of the columns and is securely fastened to the columns and beams through glass ribs. Chang’an Tower’s design not only exudes modernity but also highlights the unique historical features of Shaanxi Province.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Booking Exhibitions: While entry to the Xi’an International Horticultural Exhibition Park is free, certain attractions like the Chang’an Tower, Nature Pavilion, Treasure Pavilion, and Cute Pet Pavilion require advance booking. Once you’ve made a reservation, you can scan the QR code at the entrance of the exhibition hall for entry.

Transportation Inside the Park: The park is quite large with ample parking space and relatively few visitors. To explore the entire park efficiently, consider taking a sightseeing car upon entering. The fee for the sightseeing car is 30 yuan per person, and you can board and disembark at designated stops.

Family-Friendly Activities: If you’re visiting with children, it’s recommended to start with the Cute Pet Pavilion. Here, you’ll find animals like alpacas, sheep, deer, horses, monkeys, peacocks, and ducks. Bring along some carrots and beans to feed the animals. Most animals enjoy carrots, while peacocks prefer beans.

Boating: Enjoy boating activities within the park. You can rent a four-person pedal boat for 80 yuan per hour, a four-person electric boat for 100 yuan per hour, or a six-person electric boat for 120 yuan per hour.

Food Options: Inside the park, there are restaurants and snack shops available, so you can easily spend a full day exploring without worrying about food. However, be prepared for slightly higher prices compared to outside establishments.

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