6 facts about Tang Paradise, Xi’an

6 facts about Tang Paradise, Xi'an

The Tang Paradise is a cultural theme park located in the city of Xi’an in China. It is a popular tourist attraction that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich culture and history of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Here are some interesting facts about the Tang Paradise:

History: The Tang Paradise was built in 2005 and covers an area of 165 acres. The park is built around the theme of the Tang Dynasty, which is considered to be a golden age in Chinese history.

Design: The Tang Paradise is designed to be a replica of the Tang Dynasty, with its architecture, gardens, and entertainment all reflecting the style and culture of the time. The park is divided into several areas, each with its own theme, such as the Imperial Palace, the Tang Market, and the Nine Dragon Lake.

Entertainment: The Tang Paradise offers a variety of entertainment options for visitors, including traditional music and dance performances, acrobatics, and puppet shows. The park also has a large-scale water show that takes place on the Nine Dragon Lake, which features dancing fountains and light displays.

Food: The Tang Paradise is also known for its food, which includes traditional Tang Dynasty dishes such as steamed buns, dumplings, and roasted meat. Visitors can also watch food demonstrations and learn about the cooking techniques used during the Tang Dynasty.

Gardens: The Tang Paradise is home to several beautiful gardens, including the Peony Garden, the Plum Garden, and the Lotus Garden. Each garden is designed to showcase the beauty of these flowers and is a popular spot for taking photos.

Nighttime views: The Tang Paradise is also stunning at night, with the park’s buildings and gardens illuminated by thousands of colorful lights. Visitors can take a nighttime tour of the park to see the illuminated buildings and watch the water show.

Overall, the Tang Paradise is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a unique look into the culture and history of the Tang Dynasty. Its beautiful gardens, entertaining performances, and delicious food make it a popular attraction for tourists visiting Xi’an.

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