Taihu Fairy Island – Location and Highlights

taihu fairy island

Taihu Fairy Island (太湖仙岛) is located on the “Three Mountains” in the middle of Taihu Lake, approximately 2.6 kilometers southwest of Yuantouzhu Peninsula in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Its distinctive shape resembles a divine tortoise, earning it the colloquial name of “Turtle Mountain.”

The island boasts lush forests, exquisite pavilions and halls, and a host of attractions, including the Fairy Island Archway, Meeting the Immortals Bridge, Matchmaker’s Cave, the Celestial Palace, Tianjie (Heavenly Street), Taiyi Altar, Lingxiao Palace, Dajue Bay, and Xianfo Cave, along with monkeys. It is a unique landscape that beautifully integrates traditional Chinese history and culture with picturesque natural surroundings. Visitors on the island, surrounded by ancient music and breathtaking scenery, often experience a sensation of ascending to the mythical “Penglai Fairyland.”

Highlights of Taihu Fairy Island

Taihu Fairy Island showcases ancient Taoist culture and mythological elements. It can be divided into the areas of Dongtian Fudi (Cave Paradise and Blessing Place) and the Celestial Palace, with the classical Hui Xian Bridge connecting them.

Dongtian Fudi

To the north of Hui Xian Bridge, West Duck Mountain is the Cave Paradise and Blessing Place tourist area, graced by the splendid Taihu Fairy Island Archway and the Han white jade carved “Journey to the Heavenly Court of the Jade Emperor” screen wall. This area also features a habitat and performance area for monkeys, as well as attractions like Flower and Fruit Mountain, Water Curtain Cave, and a performance stage that recreates scenes from the famous Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West.”

Celestial Palace

The main peak of the island is the Celestial Palace, which houses Tianmen (Heavenly Gate), Tianjie (Heavenly Street), the Celestial Palace, the Medicine King Hall, the God of Literature Hall, the Wealth God Hall, the Lingxiao Treasure Pavilion, the Peaches and Jade Pool, the Matchmaker Shrine, the Taiyi Altar, and more. Along Tianjie, an array of shops creates a charming, ancient atmosphere. The island’s architecture features ornate doors and windows, carved in shapes like fairy peaches, pomegranates, and gourds, adding to its enchanting appeal.

Main Hall

The Celestial Palace’s main building covers an area of 1,320 square meters. It features a three-story structure with a five-tiered, hipped-gable roof, reaching a height of 22 meters. Inside, you can find shrines to the God of Literature, Guan Yu, and Mazu, with sixty flower-decorated arcades on each side. The Lingxiao Palace is a seven-story, square structure standing at 38 meters high, adorned with a statue of the Jade Emperor. Dajue Bay and Xianren Cave house Chinese Buddhist and Taoist grotto art. Other attractions on the island include the Altar for Worshipping Heaven, the Matchmaker Shrine, and the Mandarin Duck Pavilion, among many others.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Giant Buddha Statue: There is a massive Buddha statue on Taihu Fairy Island, resembling the ones in the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang. To find it, head left after disembarking, cross a bridge, and continue along the lakeside to reach the square.

Optimal Sunset Viewing Time: It’s recommended to visit the island around 3:00 PM for a fast disembarkation just before sunset. The sunset on the island is described as exceptionally beautiful.

Bring Cat Food for Feline Friends: Cat lovers should bring cat food as Taihu Fairy Island lives up to its name as a cat island. The cats on the island are friendly and easy to approach.

Enjoying Scenery and Small Commercial Street: The island offers impressive scenery, and there’s a small commercial street on the mountain with some snacks at reasonable prices.

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