Beijing Barbeque – iron plate grilled lamb

zhi zi barbeque

Beijing iron plate grilled lamb or Zhi Zi Barbeque (炙子烤肉) is a popular Beijing grilled meat cuisine, usually made by grilling thinly sliced lamb on an iron plate. Iron plate grilled meat has a history of several decades in Beijing, and was once a snack in hutongs and alleys. Today, it has become one of the representative food cultures in the Beijing area.

The first step in making Beijing iron plate grilled lamb is to prepare the ingredients, with the most important being lamb, usually neck, waist, or shoulder meat sliced thinly, with a thickness of about 2-3 millimeters. In addition, seasonings such as chili powder, cumin powder, and vegetables such as onions and peppers are also needed.

When grilling the meat, the iron plate needs to be evenly coated with oil, and then the lamb slices are placed on the plate and grilled until both sides are evenly cooked. Generally, the lamb slices need to be constantly flipped during the grilling process to ensure even cooking. In addition, vegetables such as onions and peppers can also be added during the grilling process.

After grilling, the iron plate grilled lamb needs to be sprinkled with seasonings such as chili powder and cumin powder to make the taste more flavorful. The taste of the iron plate grilled lamb is crispy, delicious, and juicy, and the seasoning of chili powder and cumin powder makes it unforgettable.

Iron plate grilled lamb can be tasted in grilled meat shops, bars, and restaurants in Beijing, and has also become one of the popular foods for family gatherings. In addition to traditional lamb iron plate grilled meat, there are also some improved versions of iron plate grilled meat, such as beef and chicken, each with a different taste.

Overall, Beijing iron plate grilled lamb is a delicious and affordable grilled meat cuisine that is loved by both out-of-town visitors and local residents. It not only represents the food culture of the Beijing area, but also showcases the diverse and inclusive cultural characteristics of this city.

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