Beijing Roast Duck – Features, How to enjoy, and famous restaurants

Beijing Roast Duck

Roast duck or Pecking duck is the most famous dish in Beijing, with no competitors. In fact, if you ask a Chinese which food they can relate to Beijing, most people would come up with this answer without hesitation. It features crisp skin, tender and juicy meat, and fat but not greasy taste.


feature of Beijing Roast Duck

The cook picks ducks of 65 days, whose meat is ample enough but still tender. He then seasons them and glazes them with a layer of runny syrup, the secret of the crisp skin. After drying for 24 hours, the ducks will be hung in the oven and roasted with charcoals from fruit trees, which gives them a special fragrance until the skin turns shiny brown. Of course, different cooks have different recipes and produce various flavors, but the general procedures are the same.

How to enjoy

beijing roast duck skin

A roast duck dish consists of three courses – the skin, the meat, and the carved duck (the remainder of the roast duck after being sliced). Firstly, the skin would be served in slices with a plate of sugar. It contains a lot of fat, but because of the long-time roasting, you will not find it greasy at all, as long as you finish it before it cools down. It tastes little like potato chips but much more delicious. You can dip it in the sugar to enhance the flavor.

Beijing roast duck slice

Then, the meat will be served, also in slices, with steamed pancakes, some vegetables, and sauces. If you are dining in a fancy restaurant, the cook will slice the duck right beside you. The vegetables normally include julienned cucumber and spring onion, but sometimes, there would also be carrots and Hami Melon. The traditional sauce is made of soybeans and tastes sweet, but some restaurants also provide peanut butter and cranberry paste.

Beijing Roast Duck Roll

To enjoy this dish, you need first dip two or three slices of meat and the vegetables into the sauce (a little would be enough. Otherwise, it may become too salty) and then wrap them with the pancake. Please do not be shy to use your hands. A lot of Chinese cannot complete the wrapping with chopsticks. You are no inferior to them.

Beijing Roast Duck Broth

The carved duck comes last, and the waiter would ask you how you would like it when you make your order. The traditional choice is the broth, where the cook stews the carved duck with tofu and cabbages. But you can also choose Jiaoyan, where the cook fries it and then applies salt and pepper. It is also very tasty but often comes with an extra cost, ranging from 6 RMB to 20 RMB, according to the restaurant you dine in.

Famous roast duck restaurants

After considering the locations, services, and ratings in an App specializing in customers’ reviews, we recommend you the following restaurants, hoping they can bring you a wonderful dining experience.

1. Siji Minfu Kaoyadian (四季民福烤鸭店 Siji Minfu Roast Duck Shop)

Siji Minfu Roast Duck Shop

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 from 6735 customers

Feature: Perfect balance between price and quality; a little crowded

Address: 11 Nanchizi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Right next to the Forbidden City, to its east

Average cost per person: 176 RMB

2. Quanjude (全聚德)


Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 from 17536 customers

Feature: The oldest roast duck shop with over 150 years of history; One of the most famous restaurants in China

Address: 30 Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. About 1 kilometer to the south of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 175 RMB

3. Beijing Da Dong (大董烤鸭店)

Beijing Da Dong

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 from 6235 customers

Feature: High-end restaurant with excellent food

Address: 5th floor in Jinbaohui Shopping Mall, Jinbao Street, Dongcheng, Beijing. About 1 kilometer to the east of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 507 RMB

4. Shengyongxing Kaoyadian (晟永兴烤鸭店 Shengyongxing Roast Duck Restaurant)

Shengyongxing Roast Duck Restaurant

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 from 5519 customers

Feature: Two diamonds in Black Pearl Restaurant Guide

Address: 5 Xindong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. In Sanlitun, a fashion cluster in China, between the second and the third rings

Average cost per person: 537 RMB

5. Jingxi 1981 – Raffles City Branch (京禧1981·荔枝木烤鸭 Jingxi 1981 Roast Duck Restaurant)

Jingxi 1981 Roast Duck Restaurant

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 from 1048 customers

Feature: Use coal made from lichee trees to give the roast duck a special flavor

Address: 5th floor in Raffles City, 1-1 Dongzhimen South Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. Close to Lama temple

Average cost per person: 180 RMB

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