Zhajiang Noodles – what it is, how to enjoy, and famous restaurants in Beijing

Beijing zhajiang noodles

Zhajiang noodles, or noodles with soybean paste, are among the most famous in China and especially popular in Beijing. Streaky pork cubes are stir-fried with savory soy sauce and then served with noodles and various seasonable vegetables, like cucumbers, carrots, and bean sprouts. It is Beijing residents’ most familiar food, just like potatoes to the British and burgers to the Americans, and almost every family has their own special recipes.

How to enjoy

In most restaurants, the paste, vegetables, and noodles are served separately, the sauce in a small bowl, the different vegetables in independent compartments, and the noodles in a large bowl. You need to put the paste and the vegetables into the large bowl and then stir thoroughly so that every noodle is perfectly combined with the paste and the vegetables are distributed evenly.

Some restaurants would also serve you a bowl of soup, which is actually the water that boils the noodles. In China, we believe it can help you better digest the food.

Famous restaurants in Beijing

In Beijing, nearly every restaurant serves Zhajiang noodles, and most of them, especially those small ones on the street, do a great job. After considering the locations, services, and ratings in an App specializing in customers’ reviews, we recommend you the following restaurants, hoping they can bring you a wonderful dining experience.

1. Dahaiwang Zhajiang Noodles – Palace Museum Branch (大海碗·京菜炸酱面)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 from 1048 customers

Address: 33 Wusi Dajie/Wusi Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

About 300 meters to the northeast of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 75 RMB

2. Nanmen Xiaoguan – China World Mall Branch (南门小馆)

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 from 3004 customers

Address: B2 in China World Mall, 1 Jianguomen Outer Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

About 5 kilometers to the east of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 57 RMB

3. LaoBeijing Zhajiangmian Dawang (老北京炸酱面大王 King of the Beijing Zhajiang Noodles)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 from 1234 customers

Address: First floor in Shangjie Plaza, 56 East Xinglong Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Between Tiananmen Square and the Temple of Heaven

Average cost per person: 54 RMB

4. Fangzhuanchang 69 Zhajiangmian (方砖厂69号炸酱面 69 Fangzhuan Factory Zhajiang Noodles)

Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 from 1738 customers

Address: 45 Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Average cost per person: 54 RMB

5. Haiwanju – Wangfujing Branch (海碗居)

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 from 10474 customers

Address: 6th floor in Beijing Department Store, 255 Wangfujing Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

About 500 meters to the east of the Forbidden City

Average cost per person: 81 RMB

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