Dali Bar Street – Location and Highlights

Dali Bar Street

Dali Bar Street (大理酒吧一条街), nestled in the southern part of Old Town of Dali, near the picturesque Erhai Lake and the scenic Wa Mountain, epitomizes a laid-back and leisurely ambiance. Despite the modest size of the bars here, each one boasts a unique and inviting atmosphere, often featuring live music performances to cater to visitors seeking diverse musical experiences.

Lining the streets of this vibrant area are numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants, predominantly designed in Western architectural styles. Establishments like Fragrant Tavern (飘香酒馆), Pullman Stargazing Bar (尔曼星空酒吧), Big Ice’s Cabin (大冰的小屋), Flower Girl’s House (花房姑娘), Wine Nest (酒巢), Night Bar (夜吧), Cloud Roaming Fire Pit (云游火塘), and Niche Bar (旮旯酒吧), each offer their own distinct charm and appeal. For instance, Fragrant Tavern, a longstanding fixture in Dali for over a decade, offers a welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices, making it a popular stop along Renmin Road. Meanwhile, Pullman Stargazing Bar, located atop the Pullman Hotel in Xiaguan District, offers breathtaking views of Erhai Lake and the prosperous Xingsheng Bridge, making it a prime spot for photography enthusiasts.

In addition to the diverse bar scene, visitors to Dali Bar Street can also indulge in a plethora of culinary delights and shopping opportunities. Local delicacies such as Er Ge Rice Noodles, Rolled Rice Noodles, Grilled Milk Fans, and Xizhou Baba (a type of local pancake) await gastronomic adventurers. For those looking to take home souvenirs, the nearby Dali Ancient City Walking Street, Foreigner Street, and Sifang Street Supermarket offer a wide array of silver jewelry, handicrafts, and specialty items.

Transportation to Dali Bar Street is convenient, with visitors able to take Bus Route 21 and disembark at the Zouwei Party School stop before proceeding on foot. The area operates from 11:30 in the morning until 2:00 the following morning, ensuring ample time for leisure and entertainment for visitors.

Other Attractions in Dali Old Town

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