Renmin Road, Dali – Location and Highlights

renmin road in dali

Renmin Road (人民路) is a thoroughfare situated in the heart of the ancient city area of Dali, Yunnan Province. Stretching approximately 1500 meters in length, it runs in an east-west direction, linking several important landmarks within the ancient city, including Erhai Gate, Yeyu Road, Guangwu Road, Fuxing Road, and Bo’ai Road, before ultimately leading to National Highway 214.

Renmin Road stands as the longest old street in Dali’s ancient city and is brimming with nostalgic charm. Flanked by Bai ethnic dwellings, old courtyards, small shops, and alleyways, it exudes a rich historical and cultural ambiance. Along this road, one can encounter various street vendors selling local delicacies and handicrafts, offering a taste of Dali’s leisurely lifestyle and warm hospitality.

More than just a thoroughfare, Renmin Road is a hub of culinary delights and cultural exploration. Beginning from Erhai Gate on the eastern end, which marks the eastern section of Renmin Road, this stretch is renowned for its local street food, such as grilled fish, rice noodles, erkuai (rice cake), and fried cheese. Crafted with care by locals, these culinary delights boast unique flavors that are beloved by tourists.

In the middle section of Renmin Road, visitors can experience the charm of slow living. It’s not uncommon to encounter wandering musicians serenading passersby with their melodic tunes, lending a romantic and artistic atmosphere to this ancient street. While daytime sightings of wandering musicians are scarce in Dali’s ancient city streets nowadays, most tend to emerge in the evenings, treating visitors to a captivating audiovisual spectacle.

Towards the western end of Renmin Road, one can explore various trendy shops and boutiques. Whether indulging in delectable cuisine, purchasing unique handicrafts, or seeking out a quiet café, you’re sure to find satisfaction here.

In summary, Renmin Road in Dali is a charming and distinctive thoroughfare that bridges the past and future of Dali’s ancient city, bearing the cultural and historical heritage of the Bai ethnic people. Strolling along this road, one can immerse themselves in Dali’s leisurely pace and warm hospitality, experiencing the city’s unique charm and allure.

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