Dashan Pagoda, Shaoxing – Highlights and Location

dashan pagoda shaoxing

Dashan Pagoda (大善塔), located in Shaoxing, was originally built in the third year of the Tianjian era of the Liang Dynasty (504 AD). However, during the Southern Song Dynasty in the third year of the Qingyuan era (1197 AD), both the temple and the pagoda were destroyed by fire. They were subsequently reconstructed during the first year of the Shaoding era (1228 AD) of the Southern Song Dynasty and the first year of the Yongle era (1403 AD) of the Ming Dynasty. Throughout the Qing Dynasty, the pagoda underwent multiple renovations. Despite enduring the ravages of wind, rain, snow, and even a devastating typhoon in 1956, Dashan Pagoda remains intact, showcasing its sturdy construction and serving as a significant architectural relic for studying the buildings of the Southern Song Dynasty in the Shaoxing region.

Standing approximately 40 meters tall, Dashan Pagoda features a hexagonal structure with seven tiers, constructed using a combination of bricks and wood in a pavilion style. Each side of the first tier is adorned with a door, while the second tier and above have doors on opposite sides with additional niches in between. Crowning the pagoda is a circular top adorned with a large cast iron cover weighing around 5000 kilograms. Many of the bricks used in the pagoda bear inscriptions indicating renovations during the Shaoding era, adding both historical value and a sense of solidity to the structure.

Local folklore in Shaoxing liken Dashan Pagoda to a pivotal support for the city, along with the Yingtian Pagoda atop Feilai Mountain to the south. Residents often say that the flowing waters surrounding the ancient city of Shaoxing resemble a large ship, and Dashan Pagoda, along with Yingtian Pagoda, acts as the two stabilizing oars, anchoring the city firmly in place. Another popular legend suggests that the top of Dashan Pagoda houses a pearl the size of a dragon’s eye. According to this tale, as long as the pearl remains in place, Shaoxing will be spared from the ravages of strong winds, ensuring favorable weather conditions year after year.

Location and Transportation

Dashan Pagoda is located in the City Square on Jiefang Road in the Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. The most convenient way to get there is taking metro line 1 and get off at the City Square Station (城市广场站). After getting out from Exit F, you will see the pagoda right in front of you.

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