Fushan Park, Shaoxing – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

fushan park shaoxing

Fushan Park (府山公园) in Shaoxing is named after the fact that the Shaoxing Prefecture used to be located to its east. As one of the main mountains within the ancient city of Shaoxing, Fushan is also known as Wolong Mountain due to its shape resembling a lying dragon. Additionally, it is referred to as Wenzhong Mountain because Wen Zhong, a senior official of the Yue State, was buried on the mountain after his death.

The park features Feiyi Tower, originally built as a military observation post by the Yue army to monitor the movements of the Wu army, similar to a modern-day military lookout post. Standing at 45 meters tall, it is the highest point in downtown Shaoxing. Surrounding the tower are lush trees and a tranquil environment, making it the perfect spot for panoramic views of the ancient city. With its dense foliage, winding paths, and various recreational facilities, Fushan Park serves as a commemorative cultural park where visitors can engage in leisure, sports, and sightseeing activities.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 hour
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours4.30 – 16.30
Telephone Number0086-0575-85133718

Location and Transportation

Fushan Park is located at 270 Fengshan Hengjie, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 35, 52A, or 52 and get off at Xiyuan Stop (西园站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Fushan Park is the City Square (城市广场) on line 1. After getting out of the station from Exit F, walk about 500 meters to the west to reach the park.

Highlights of Fushan Park

Yuewang Terrace

yuewang terrace in fushan park shaoxing

Located at the southeastern foothills of Fushan, Yuewang Terrace is a monument erected by later generations to commemorate King Goujian’s perseverance and determination to reclaim his country. Despite being repeatedly built and destroyed, the terrace was rebuilt in 1980 based on the original site established by Wang Gang, the Prefect of Shaoxing during the 15th year of the Jiajing era of the Southern Song Dynasty. The lower part of Yuewang Terrace consists of a brick structure, showcasing remnants of Song Dynasty architecture, with a 7-meter-high arched gate in the center. The upper portion resembles a palace-style building and now houses the “Historical Exhibition of Yue State,” using images and artifacts to illustrate the history of Yue State from 2,500 years ago. In March 1939, Premier Zhou Enlai delivered an anti-Japanese speech at Yuewang Terrace during his visit to Shaoxing.

Qingbai Spring

qingbai spring in fushan park shaoxing

Qingbai Spring is a relic from the time when Fan Zhongyan, a prominent literary figure of the Northern Song Dynasty, served as the governor of Yuezhou. It still exists beneath the Yuewang Terrace. In the second year of the Baoyuan era (1039 AD), Fan Zhongyan was demoted and transferred to Yuezhou, where he served for over a year. During his time in Longshan, he discovered an abandoned well between the rocks, which contained a spring. After cleaning it, he named it “Qingbai,” not only for its clear color but also as a reminder to himself of integrity in an era of bribery and corruption.

Wenzhong’s Tomb

wenzhong's tomb in fushan park shaoxing

Wenzhong, also known as Shaoqin, was a native of the Chu state and a senior official of the Yue state. He played a crucial role in formulating policies for Goujian’s strategy to destroy the Wu state. Despite Fan Li‘s advice to retire after the victory, Wenzhong chose to stay by Goujian’s side, which ultimately led to his demise due to Goujian’s suspicion. He was buried on Longshan. Wenzhong, along with Fan Li, were key strategists of the Yue state, predating Zhuge Liang by over seven hundred years. Their exceptional wisdom and contributions to the prosperity of the Yue state have earned them a significant place in history.

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