How many people visit Summer Palace

number of visitors to summer palace

The Summer Palace is one of the must-sees for tourists, and it can be exceptionally crowded during peak times. So, how many people visit this place every year?

According to the official record, the average annual number of visitors to the Summer Palace in recent years has been around 6 million, about 16,400 per day. This may sound enormous, but because of the huge area, it is not as crowded as you may expect.

However, during peak times, like Labor Day Holiday (May 1st – 5th) and National Day Holiday (October 1st – 7th), the number of daily visitors can reach 50,000. This means you can barely see anything and are carried along by the throng, which will ruin your day completely.

So, if you are planning a trip, make sure you avoid major public holidays. Weekends are fine, but the best choice is weekdays, especially Monday mornings.

Other interesting facts about Summer Palace

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